This Week…

…was a weird week. Here’s what I’ve been up to.

Tuesday at work, our director took the staff members to lunch at Carson’s prior to an afternoon at his cottage on a lake. For lunch I ordered this Swordfish Berry Salad, sprinkled with strawberries, blackberries, feta, pecans, and a delicious piece of grilled swordfish. I absolutely love swordfish. For dinner, I had (unpictured) a feast of grilled meats and picnic-y foods. The weather was absolutely perfect – sunny and gorgeous – we were lucky.



Thursday evening I flew to Chicago for a Friday meeting at Northwestern University. My hotel room was a suite and had not one, not two, but THREE sinks. Unnecessary!?



Friday evening I landed back in Detroit, headed back to Ann Arbor, and then promptly sought out beer at Grizzly Peak to kick off the three day weekend. I started with a nice tall Bear Paw Porter and a bowl of Cheddar Ale Soup. Foodgasm.


For dinner I had more greens + fish. I ordered the “Fresh Spinach Salad – With roasted Granny Smith apples, golden beets, goat cheese, hazelnuts and horseradish vinaigrette” and added with a grilled salmon filet on top. Deelish!


For dessert, we each had a few bites of the Black & Tan brownie, and brought the rest home to split the next day.



Saturday was the Annual Five Cent Femme Birthday Extravaganza – 2011 Edition. [Read about the 2010 Edition here!]. After lots of shopping downtown Ann Arbor, and a failed attempt to visit Dominick’s, we stopped for dinner and drinks at Sava’s. Last month I had a really lovely evening of cocktails with my BFF at Sava’s, so this was my second visit to Sava’s, and my first time trying their food. I love the vibe here:


[ source ]

I ordered a glass of Argentinian Malbec to sip, and for dinner: “Fish Tacosgrilled cod, pineapple salsa, pepper jack, flour tortilla,
rice & beans.”
  Yum… these were really delicious! The cod was seasoned with bold, hot spicy flavors – similar to a blackened seasoning, I would say – and each corn tortilla had a large meaty fish filet. My only critique is that my rice was rather dry, but the beans were tasty, and the tacos were great. I have to say I am a fan of
Sava’s – warm atmosphere, nice drink menu, affordable prices, decent food selection, good service during both of my visits.


After dinner, we saw Dwayne Gill perform at the AA Comedy Showcase. I always have an enjoyable time at these comedy shows. Our visit involved lots of popcorn…


…and Oberon. Also, Five Cent Femme was the lucky winner of a pair of free tickets to a future show. SCORE!


After a brief wardrobe change, we again headed back “out on the town.” Live was pretty dead, but this couple dancing solo on the dance floor provided temporary amusement – especially with the suspenders.


The Birthday Girl Femme!:


Since Live was not very happening, we headed to our ol’ standby, the Pig, where we saw The Finer Things perform. The band was actually pretty decent, and at one point brought a bunch of their family members up on stage to play brass instruments with them. Yessss.


Post-bar, there may or may not have been a 2:30 AM Meijer run involved. I can neither confirm nor deny.

Sunday… Today for lunch I made Mini Sausage Quiches, using THIS recipe from Eating Well.

I used a pre-cooked package of turkey sausage crumbles, and mixed in sautéed red bell pepper, scallions, and shredded Swiss cheese. I added a large spoonful to each cup of my greased muffin pan, and then poured over a mixture of whisked egg, egg whites, and milk, before baking at 325 degrees F for 25 minutes. These mini quiches were good, but I prefer the Ham & Cheddar Mini Quiches that I have made before over these.


Also, spur of the moment, I randomly decided to throw together a small batch of Pumpkin Pancakes using a bag of frozen pumpkin that has been in my freezer since the fall! These are seasoned with pumpkin, cinnamon, allspice, and ginger, and turned out just as tasty as the first time I made them, last November.





Also this week, I have been running. My 5K is coming up – only one week away! I cannot believe it. I am starting to get a bit nervous, but excited. When it’s hot out I have been struggling with my runs, so I am concerned that may be a factor next weekend. Fortunately the race is at 9:00 AM, so hopefully it will still be cool at that time of day. Yesterday I did my very first 3 mile run (EVER!), and clocked in at about 31:00! (I also found out that my sports watch stops timing at 30:00 minutes – fail!). I don’t exactly have a time goal for my race next weekend; my goal is simply to complete the race, ideally without stopping to walk – but if the weather is hot or the course is hilly, I may have to take a brief walking break. My ultimate goals is just to do the best I can, and hopefully stay under 11:00 minutes per mile – anything better is a bonus!

…I hear tomorrow, Memorial Day is going to be hot! What should we cook on the grill?

Note Currently listening to: My Body – Young the Giant.

8 thoughts on “This Week…

  1. Good luck on your run next weekend. Nothing better that BBQ chicken on the grill and maybe an ice cold beer to go along with it !! MOM

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  3. Ah Thanks for coming by our show!! I’m dave with the Finer Things and I just found this whilst shamelessly googling ourselves lol. Hope you had a good time!

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