Leading Up To My 5K

As has been the case recently, I have a long summary post for you. The way my life has been going lately, it’s been more efficient for me to write longer but less frequent posts, rather than shorter, more frequent posts. Hoping to change it back to shorter, more frequent posts eventually, but in the mean time, here we go.

Wednesday: This past week I made one of my VERY favorite summer meals. Last summer, I probably made this meal at least 5 times (see HERE and HERE). In fact, I even listed this as one of my Favorite Dinners of 2010 back in December. Behold, Summer Squash Zucchini and Corn Chowder with Tomato Bruschetta, recipes from Cooking Light.



Corn Chowder with Zucchini and/or Summer Squash sautéed in bacon fat; mixed with a sweet corn/milk puree; sprinkled with crumbled bacon, cheddar, and green onions; seasoned with fresh thyme. On the side, garlic-rubbed toasted whole grain baguette below a tomato-basil topping.



Okay, I do not necessarily feel that the next several pictures accurately represent my typical eating habits, but my more gluttonous meals tend to appear in the blog for one reason or another. Thursday it was so freaking nice outside that I demanded (FISTSLAM) to eat dinner outside. In fact, between Wednesday and Thursday, I dined outdoors for 3 of my 4 lunches and dinners. It’s dabezt. Sidetrack’s outdoor patio seemed to fit the bill for this perfect summer evening, so to Depot Town I headed, fried pickles on the brain:


For dinner I went with the tried-and-true handcrafted burger with American cheese, lettuce, tomato, raw onion, mayo and ketchup, and a side of (DABEZT) sweet potato fries with horseradish sauce. :: Food Swoon ::


This is what my dining companion ordered. For dinner. I don’t want to talk about it.


After dinner, I went for a drive to check out the course for my upcoming 5K race. Looks pretty, but a tad intimidating.

Eventually I ended up hanging out on my deck, chatting on the phone, chillin’ with Pepé:



Friday after work, I spent, well…. several hours.. at the bar eating bar food and drinking beer. Much needed. I tried Stilton Cheese on fries. Luv.


Dinner (wrap below) was just meh, and I enjoyed my dranks more. From Ashley’s solid drink menu, I enjoyed:

Clearly I have no disregard whatsoever for moving back and forth between dark and heavy beers and light, crisp beers. Hey, it works for me.


Ashley’s: Ashley's Restaurant and Pub on Urbanspoon

On Saturday, I went to pick up my race packet for Sunday’s Dexter-Ann Arbor 5K race. I also went shopping for around 3 hours (!!!) at Briarwood Mall. Briarwood is so weak – we need a better mall. I did, however, find a new bathing suit, as well as an outfit for The Bang! next weekend.

That evening, it was time to start Carbo-Loading for my race. But first, something green:


For dinner at Pizza House, I ordered 5-Way Chili, which, for the n00bs, is spaghetti (aka CARBS) topped with chili, beans, raw onion, and cheese. Plus two slices of garlic bread (CARBS). It was pretty good – I did have a few leftovers though.


I was in the mood for ice cream, so I ordered a scoop of Bear Clauw from Washtenaw Dairy, after dinner. My eyes were bigger than my stomach, because I could only eat about 2/3 of this.



Saturday evening I laid out all my race gear and tried to get to bed at a decent hour for Sunday’s 6:30 AM alarm!


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