Raspberry Jam Brownies

As promised, here are details on the brownies I made yesterday. The recipe I used is from another blogger that I follow, Jenna, over at Eat, Live, Run.

For these Raspberry Jam Brownies, I first assembled all of the ingredients.

Anything involving one cup of melted dark chocolate MUST be good, amirite?


Throw a carton of raspberries and an entire jar of raspberry preserves in the mix, and now we’re talkin’. Raspberries have always been my favorite fruit, hands down. I love the bold fruity flavor and crunchy little seeds. When I was younger, my family frequently vacationed in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, and my dad would drive us down these sketchy dirt roads in the middle of the woods, chainsaw in tow, looking for sources of firewood for our raging bonfires. Sometimes, on the way, we would find patches of wild berries – mostly blueberries (which went into pancakes cooked in a skillet on our our propane-fueled camping stove the next morning), but sometimes blackberries and raspberries.


Back to the baked goods on hand… I baked these for 45 minutes at 325 F, as suggested. I think that was possibly a tad too long, as they weren’t quite as ooey-gooey as promised, but these definitely still had that nice crisp brownie edge surrounding a chewy, fudgy middle. Dark Chocolate + Raspberries = Heaven. Again, you can view the recipe over at Eat, Live, Run.


These brownies were the dessert at a family gathering held at my Aunt Barb’s house, to celebrate my Aunt Anne visiting from California. Below is our lovely dinner spread, preceded by a selection of unpictured nibblers and Chardonnay.


We had a nice spread of eats – various croissant sandwiches (I’m a sucker for a soft, flaky croissant), fresh fruit, a bean salad with kidney beans, chickpeas, edamame, cilantro, and lime (I want this recipe!), and a big baby greens salad smothered in avocados and other goodness. Yum!


Also had a scoop of my mom’s cheesy potatoes (x2). Smile 


My aunt prepared some ideal accompaniments to my raspberry brownies:


My Aunt Anne, who is visiting from California, and I. We were lucky had a nice evening for dining out on the deck:


My Mom & I!:


Cousins! From left, cousin Jeff, cousin Laura, Me, the huz, cousin Dave, and his wife Katie. A classy-looking group, eh?


Note Currently listening to: Gimme More – Britney Spears.

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