Under The Sea Bang!

Last night was the “Under the Sea” Bang. Which meant lots of sailor-striped outfits. And sharks. And ridiculously-posed pictures, accompanied by Five Cent Femme. MegGetsNommedByShark?:



..Also lots of utterly ridiculous dance moves. Possibly dancing to “Rock Lobster” below? Horrendous.



An intense night! Perfect night for The Bang! – warm enough to wear little rompers, yet not so hot you nearly die of heat exhaustion in the Pig.

Sunday I cleaned up my act and went for an impromptu nice lunch for Restaurant Week. Several Ann Arbor restaurants are offering special $12 lunch and $25 dinner menus to encourage townies to get out and try new places. Prickly Pear had an enticing menu offering, so we went there for lunch. For $12 each, we got our own guacamole (which was a big bowl!), choice of soup or a salad, and a half entrée or one enchilada. After nibbling on chips and salsa prior to ordering, after order we each received a yummy bowl of guac.


Next I had a house salad, “a blend of mixed greens, dried Michigan cherries, anejo cheese, and tomatoes with a side of our garlic vinaigrette.” A very good salad.


I selected an enchilada for my entrée: “Prickly Pear’s Vegetarian Sweet Potato Enchiladas, with squash salsa, baked with chihuahua cheese.” This picture does absolutely zero justice to this dish. I was raving about my enchilada! Oh.my.goodness it was SOOO good! The sweet potato filling was incredibly creamy, mildly sweet, and so delicious! The enchilada sauce was the perfect savory accompaniment to the sweet potato filling, with a perfect heat level. Probably the best thing I’ve tried at Prickly Pear so far! I’ll go back just to order this again.


My dining companion insisted upon dessert for our impromptu semi-fancy Sunday lunch, so for the first time, I visited The Chocolate House, located next door to Prickly Pear. We each got one BACON truffle and one SALTED dark chocolate truffle. OMG OMG! Jackpot. I actually loved this place – so charming inside, and the staff were really nice! I’ll definitely be back.


After truffles, I also ordered an iced coffee with cream at The Chocolate House. I was super happy post-Prickly Pear lunch/truffles/iced coffee. Happy MegGoesNomNom:


Later in the afternoon, I went for my longest run yet – 3.6 miles! I clocked in some where between 35:00 and 36:00 minutes. I’m hoping to add half a mile or to my distance each week – am considering running a 10K this fall and want to build up my mileage! I’m also hoping to purchase a Garmin GPS watch soon!

For dinner, we grilled burgers and asparagus.


While the man grilled outside, inside I prepared the toppings and condiments, including our CSA lettuce!




I had such a great weekend – but I am SO tired tonight! Been up until after 3:00 AM the last two nights. My word. I need to sleep ASAP.

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