CSA Week 2

This past Thursday I picked up my second CSA box at the Ann Arbor Westside Farmer’s Market from Two Creeks Organics. Here’s what was in our half-share box:


For dinner I made a pair of large salads containing four of our box ingredients: lettuce, scallions, radishes, and haikuri (Japanese spring turnips). This was my first time trying the spring turnips, and just as our newsletter suggested, they were “sweet and mild” and great in a salad.


The above photos were taken in haste, because we had this piping hot pizza waiting for us from Papa Romano’s.

Sunday I have big plans for the garlic scapes!


Last Sunday we took advantage of Ann Arbor Restaurant Week by having lunch at Prickly Pear. This Friday, we also took advantage and had dinner at Connor O’Neills – two dinners for $25. Not a bad deal. Our first course, included in the price, was this beer sampler, to split. I later ordered a pint o’ Guinness with dinner.


We split an app – calamari.


My dining companion ordered “Darrah’s Turkey Reuben.”


I ordered Fish & Chips. I NEVER order fish & chips – ever! I always consider it, and then other people order it, and I wish I would have. Today I took the plunge. It was good.


Bailey’s Irish Cream Cheesecake. Tasted like alcohol like whoa. All in all, Conor O’Neills’ food has never knocked my socks off – it’s just ‘alright’ bar food. But it is a fun place to go have a few drinks downtown, and restaurant week was a fun, inexpensive way to try a few different dishes.


Later that night, I made a pitcher of White Sangria.

  • Bottle of sparkling white wine
  • Chopped/sliced peach, lime and orange
  • Topped off with diet Sierra Mist


Saturday I went dress shopping for an upcoming event. Remind me not to go dress shopping alone again! I could NOT decide which dress to get, but ultimately chose one of these three. I’ll tell you which one later this week. Smile


Ali Baba’s takeout – best idea! I really enjoy Ali Baba’s food, but I don’t dig their dining scene. I immensely enjoyed digging into a our huge sampler plate from the comfort of my home. Smile


What else have I been up to? Well.. let’s see. This week I finished reading what I guess you could call the sequel to Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin (read on the plane to and from San Fran last month), which, incidentally was called Something Blue. Mindless reading but oh-so-entertaining. I was sobbing at the end. Typical.


[ source ]

Also, I’ve been watching The Office incessantly on Netflix. In the last month or so, we’ve made it to episode 87. I think we are in Season 5 or 6 at this point! Slightly obsessed.



Oh, and running. Yes, after my recent 5K, I am still running several days per week. I’ve mostly been getting 2 miles runs in here and there, but I’m trying to throw in a couple longer runs each week too, and particularly, one “long” run, to which I hope to add 0.5 miles per week. So two weeks ago was my 3.1 mile race (5K!), last Sunday I ran 3.6 miles, and tomorrow I am hoping to a attempt a 4 miler. Will let you know how it goes! As of June 18, I’ve run 30 miles this month!

Today I ran my fastest 2 miler yet – 18:22 minutes (9:11 mile pace). Challah!

Note Currently listening to: Fine Again – Seether.

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