Mackinaw City–Wedding Destination

Spent the last few days in Mackinaw City! Driving north in Michigan does not exactly offer a plethora of dining choices that are easily accessible from I-75, so we elected Ponderosa to fulfill our ravenous hunger on the drive up.

I started out with a plate like this…


And ended with the plates below… But what you don’t know is that I had a pretty gluttonous, unpictured plate in between these courses involving macaroni and cheese and mashed potatoes.


After an uneventful 4.5 hour drive up, we checked in, rested (albeit not that well in our non-luxurious Super 8 room… no more Super 8s for me in the future!), and the next day, embarked upon a journey. First we crossed the Mackinaw Bridge and headed into Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.



Yes, we definitely hit up the Mystery Spot.


…Needed to feel some sand between my toes, so we spent time wandering around the beach and wading in the water. Icy cold! It made me squeal.



An attractive young couple:


Then we did touristy things like purchase a pastie from Lehto’s! (established in 1947!)



Followed by a visit to “Country Store” for cheddar cheese curds and beef jerky.



We took our spread down to a bench in front of Lake Michigan for an incredibly tasty lunch.P1040886_520

The beef jerky was out.of.control delicious. Want.


After lunch, we drove into St. Ignace and spent some time playing the slot machines at Kewadin Casino. Sadly we were not big winners.

I was a little overly gluttonous on this trip! For dinner on our first full day we went to a pizza place for some ‘za. My half: bacon, banana peppers, pineapple. Plus a couple of beers to wash it down. But of course!



I’d had ice cream on the brain for a while, so I satisfied the craving. A sign in the ice cream shop indicated that their ice cream is homemade in the shop, daily. I had Caramel Latte and the huz had Cake Batter.


Um… and just because, we bought a piece of fudge and some peanut brittle to bring home. While we were in Mackinaw, we went to see Bad Teacher, starring Cameron Diaz, at the movie theater. I would call it an amusing movie.


Our hotel’s breakfast was not the most enticing, so on our second morning, we tried out the breakfast buffet at The Admiral’s Table. Everything tasted hot, fresh, and homemade. Good stuff!


After breakfast, we played putt putt. Because why the hell not?


Also went to go check out a view of the bridge, since it was a much clearer day!


After strolling around for a while, we came back to our room to get ready for a wedding!

The ceremony set-up. What a gorgeous setting, overlooking Lake Michigan! And could not have had better weather!


The lovely bride, Dani, walking down the aisle with her father. Dani was my college dorm roommie freshman year! SQuad room 5107 Bush House!


Dinner was great. We nibbled on fresh fruit and veggies during cocktail hour, and then for dinner had salad, rolls, roasted potatoes, and both chicken and steak kebabs. The kebabs were so good, and everyone was raving about the steak kebabs (me included!).


The happy couple cake-cutting:


That was some TASTY cake too!!


We partook in a few group dances. Doe-si-doe! PROMMMMenade! Go back home and settle down! Open-mouthed smile


Had to rest my feet for a bit, after all the dancing.


Loved the mood lighting as it got darker outside.


The beautiful bride and myself!:


Around 11:00 PM, fireworks were set off over the lake. So cool!



Weee! The wedding was beautiful and I’m glad I could be part of the Dani & Roy’s day. We had a fun time!


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