Friday involved Dominick’s Sangria which may or may not have led to some PLDs on my part. So let’s move on to the next day…


Saturday was a WIN because Five Cent Femme came to Ann Arbor bearing booze juice boxes and Cool Ranch Doritos. FTW.


I love this pink mesh Soffe shorts I bought! This was my outfit for the Physical Bang 2011:


[insert obligatory “Let’s Get Physical” reference here]


Friday night may have been my hot mess night, but Saturday made me feel much better, because I was NOT one of these hot messes that I witnessed at The Bang!.



Sunday morning the huz and I went to Seva for breakfast. Lemonade for him, Iced Latte for me.


I ordered:

Black Bean-Tempeh Scramble (Vegan; Low fat; Order without tortilla to be gluten free)
Black beans, sweet corn, poblano peppers, red onions and tomatoes scrambled with
chargrilled tempeh, seasoned with jalapenos, garlic, salsa and a touch of lime,
served with a steamed whole wheat tortilla.”

This was tasty, but I wish it were a bit hotter! With the poblanos and jalapeños mentioned in the menu, I was expecting something a bit more fiery, but it was nothing several dashes of hot sauce couldn’t remedy. The roasted home fry potatoes with rosemary were fab.


My dining companion ordered:

Big Breakfast:
A chock-full-o’ breakfast platter: Two eggs, grilled soy “sausage,” oven-roasted
potatoes, toast, buttermilk pancakes and Michigan maple syrup.”

Mmm, that cinnamon raisin toast looks yummy! This meal was consumed on Seva’s lovely front patio. What a perfect day for enjoying brunch outdoors – a hot and breezy Michigan day.


Sunday afternoon I went grocery shopping and came home with four boxes of bags. Because I am a Crazy Bag Lady.


The End.

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