Biercamp Meat Party

Very recently, a new artisan sausage and jerky shop opened in Ann Arbor called Biercamp.


Friday night we hosted a party. For 2 people. (That would be myself + huz). Yessss. I guess our excuse was that it was in celebration of the huz’s recent promo, and we both just wanted a chill evening after a long week. ..And also needed to re-watch HP7: Part I one more time in preparation for Saturday night’s viewing of HP7:  Part II in IMAX3D (booyah).

After work we drove down to State Street to purchase a bounty of meat from Biercamp. The shop was quite cute inside – I liked it. Mason jar lighting, brick walls, interestingly-patterned ceilings – lots of character!

Long summer days = freaky shadow face:


Our bounty!:


We came home with:

  • Quatro Crazy beef jerky
  • Italian Ricotta meatballs
  • Michigan Maple beef jerky
  • Biercamp Jerky Pate
  • Hot Italian Sausage
  • Sweet Onion, Cheddar, and Asparagus Bratwurst


Back at home, I cooked up half of the Sweet Onion, Cheddar, and Asparagus Brats in a skillet. These were incredibly delicious, and the favorite item of both the huz and myself. Super flavorful!!


I also cooked the Italian Ricotta Meatballs on the stovetop. These were good, I’d say even very good, but not my very favorite. I think the seasonings could use a little tweaking. I dipped these in pizza sauce (yes, I keep pizza sauce as a condiment in my fridge – don’t ask), which was an excellent combo.


To go with our meat-filled dinner, we picked up a few accompaniments on the way home, including a loaf of Pizza Bread from Great Harvest.


So cheesy and moist!


We also picked up a block of Tillamook Sharp Cheddar and I cubed up some Swiss Cheese I had on hand.


We created quite the spread! Clockwise, we have:

  • Cubed Sharp Cheddar and Swiss
  • Red Grapes
  • Michigan Maple Jerky <- nice and smoky, good texture, but needs more flavor!
  • Quatro Crazy Jerky <- awesome! very hot!
  • Italian Ricotta Meatballs
  • Sweet Onion, Cheddar, & Asparagus Brats <- our fave
  • Jerky Pate (+ chips for dipping) <- my second fave. Swoonworthy!!!
  • Sliced Great Harvest Pizza Bread


Meatballs + Brats.


Clearly I need to host more parties. Look at this amazing spread.






All in all, we were very pleased with our Biercamp purchases! The prices seemed reasonable, everything we tried was delicious, and I look forward to trying more items in the future. I will be using the Hot Italian Sausage in a recipe later this week and let y’all know how it is. This was a fun dinner, and a relaxing way to spend an evening.


UPDATE: Read about our second trip to Biercamp here!!

Open-mouthed smile


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10 thoughts on “Biercamp Meat Party

  1. Impressive dinner spread! Someone forwarded this to us & I remembered you as soon as I saw the pics! We REALLY appreciate you guys stopping in, especially since we’re so very new. We’re just getting started & plan to do much, much more so we hope to see you back in again!

    -Hannah & Walter (Biercamp)

      • Oh good! Well I must have commented about 4 times now on this post, apparently I don’t know how to use my computer – so sorry in advance for the stalker-ish repeat comments if they all show up! 🙂 Great blog by the way – we’re pretty new to the area so its great to see you’ve reviewed a ton of places we’ve been wanting to try!

      • Hahaha, I respect the comment ‘love.’ 😀 Glad you like it! I like to think I’m pretty familiar with the Ann Arbor dining ‘scene’ but in actuality I’m probably just the creeper girl yanking out her camera, taking pics of her food. 😉

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