Bacon-Corn Chowder With Shrimp

This month’s issue of Cooking Light had the most enticing picture of a bowl of Bacon-Corn Chowder with Shrimp in it, that I absolutely had to make it. You know how much I love making soup, and it had been a while since I’ve whipped up a batch, so I had to tend to my soup-making withdrawals. This was a fun soup to make, too, let me tell you. As fun as soup-making gets, at least. Which is pretty flipping fun, if you are me. Oh, and here is a link to the original recipe from Cooking Light in case you’d like to make it too!: Bacon-Corn Chowder with Shrimp.







I used Morton’s frozen Grilled Shrimp, which I sautéed in a skillet prior to adding it to the chowder. This added a nice smoky element to the chowder!



I didn’t have any bread in the house to serve with this chowder, but I DID have some Everything bagels and cream cheese on hand. This chowder was incredibly awesome! I completely loved this dish.

Bacon-Corn Chowder with Shrimp Rating: 9.5/10

NoteCurrently listening to: Alligator – Grizzly Bear.

I heard this song playing during the movie Blue Valentine and Shazam’ed it. I dig.

7 thoughts on “Bacon-Corn Chowder With Shrimp

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