Summer Meals Are The Best

Ahhh…Saturday morning! What a great feeling. Such a pretty morning:


Friday Picnic

Since I am a food blogger, I feel I really need to back up in time for a moment, and highlight this delicious plate of food I enjoyed Friday evening at my summer work picnic. I had a taste of everything! Awesome fish tacos, smoked brisket (!!) fried chicken, tomato/feta/onion salad, some sort of German beef dish Saurbraten (shout out to B. Bill for correcting that), Spaetzle Spätzle… Mmm!

Oh, and tres leches cake for dessert, unpictured but also deserves a MGNN shout out. Smile



Saturday morning I went for what could be described as a ‘gritty’ run. It was tough! Morning runs ain’t my thang. Or maybe, more so, running in HEAT is not my thang. But hey, at least I ran, right?

Epically slow:


Saturday Brunch

After my run, I made a pretty excellent breakfast. Pan-fried heirloom Irish Cobbler potatoes with a baby yellow pepper (both from my CSA) and seasoned with fresh thyme and garlic, with thick, center-cut bacon, Pour, Poke + Spread Egg (inspired by Ashley at Edible Perspective), and Fage Nonfat Greek Yogurt + strawbs + honey + chocolate Kashi ‘nola.


Coming out of the Closet

Saturday afternoon, I tackled my closet. Since I’ve lost about 38 pounds over the last 15 months, many of my clothes no longer fit and have simply been getting in my way in my closet. While I do have a pretty big closet, I still wanted to get out the excess clothing that I no longer wear. Usually I keep half of my tops on one side (nice tops on the left) and the other half, t-shirts and hoodies, on the right side, which gives me access to my middle of my closet and the second row of clothes. This took forever to sort through, but I LOVE getting rid of stuff, so it was somewhat fun. I have too many clothes! (Yet I always claim to have NOTHING to wear!).


Of course, there are some shirts that can’t be tossed for sentimental reasons. Some of the quirkier ones:



After I sorted through my entire closet and dresser, I had these five piles of clothes to get rid of! Look at all this! Many of the pants were gigantic on me, and some of the clothes were just plain old and/or out of style.


After sorting through the clothes, I took a few items to sell at Plato’s Closet, but only made $15, I think partially because they were “completely overstocked” and being extra picky. After that, I took a few bags to donate to Salvation Army, and then I am planning to give away the rest.

Much better! And yes, they’re roughly sorted by color to quell my OCD-like tendencies.


Love my closet…it actually goes back really far! There are two long rows for hangers, and then I have about two dozen shoe boxes in the back, plus some other random items like handbags, backpack, luggage, etc. And yes, I LOVE having my own closet and not having to share!


Grizzly Peak

Saturday we hit up one of our favorite local breweries, Grizzly Peak. My knees go weak at the mere thought of their Cheddar Ale Soup. Dare I say this Cheddar Ale Soup is my favorite food…evAR? It’s quite possible. Especially when the warm bread is dipped into it… Oh.My! I enjoyed a nice Bear Paw Porter with dinner.


For dinner I had Grilled Salmon, “A grilled Scottish salmon filet with honey-mustard pretzel crust, risotto-style potatoes, herb vinaigrette and fresh vegetables.”

  • The salmon was great. I loved the honey mustard flavor! My only critique is that I wished the pretzel crust were a tad crisper.
  • The green beans were excellent, actually. Cooked perfectly crisp-tender and nicely seasoned.
  • As for the potatoes, they weren’t exactly what I had in mind. I imagined some sort of creamy mashed-potato-esque dish, but nope. These potato chunks were tossed in a creamy sauce that wasn’t the most flavorful, in fact I would say it was a bit bland, but it was very buttery!

All in all this was a tasty plate of food, but I am completely potatoed-out for a while after having potatoes for breakfast AND dinner on Saturday.


Chocolate-Covered Cherry

Cupcake Station dessert. You know I can’t resist! Had my favorite cupcake, Chocolate-Covered Cherry, and a Chocolate Cheesecake Brownie. The brownie was delish, but I still prefer their Peanut Butter Bar. Oh, and I split these two items with my dining companion!


Sunday Grillfest

The first thing I did to prepare for Sunday dinner was to make a Creamy Pesto Dipping Sauce. Two tablespoons each of plain yogurt and sour cream, and one tablespoon of basil pesto. I mixed these together, and then neatly divided it into two cute dipping bowls, and realized I forgot to add the lemon juice. FAIL! So I had to spatula out the sauce back into the mixing bowl, squeeze in fresh lemon juice, stir, wash the dipping bowls, and then re-add the sauce to the bowls. Gah! That’s what I get for being a food blogger, trying to make things look pretty.


Next I created a marinade out of these ingredients:


I tossed the following ingredients with the above marinade:

  • chicken, cut into bite-size pieces
  • red and green bell pepper
  • grape tomatoes
  • yellow squash
  • red onion

Then I threaded the ingredients onto bamboo skewers to make Chicken Kebabs for the huz to grill. So tasty and so pretty! Made one of my favorite recipes as a side dish: Corn, Black Bean, & Avocado Salad.


Summer meals are the best, truly.


Love this fresh plate of food!!!! I found the recipe that inspired these kebabs from Cooking Light: Chicken Kebabs Recipe.



Monday’s Gourmet ‘Za

Today I had planned to make a White Bean, Ham, & Corn Soup, but I forgot to buy ham at the grocery store yesterday! Since I was so tired after work today, I said screw it and ordered a deep dish pizza from Anthony’s Gourmet Pizza, arguably the best in Ann Arbor? It’s a debatable topic. Feel free to leave your two cents.

Holy noms, this pizza hit the spot!!! It’s so filling – I could barely eat two pieces. My half had bacon, ‘nana pepps,and pineapple. That sauce is just, well, killer! We also had a Greek Salad from Anthony’s which was great as well.


NoteCurrently listening to: Don’t Stop the Party – Black Eyed Peas.


Anthony’s Gourmet Pizza:

Anthony's Gourmet Pizza on Urbanspoon

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