Martini Mondays

Martini Mondays at Café Felix are a win. $5 Martinis are a win. Martini glass

  • John Daly: Skyy Citrus, Seagram’s Sweat Tea Vodka, Lemonade and touch of black tea.

The cheap martinis balance out the over-priced but AH-MAY-ZING seared sea scallops. Scallops are my FAVORITE. Plus at least 7 shittons of bread. We ain’t supermodels, y’heard? We pretty much destroyed a couple loaves of bread and at least 11 butter packets. Win.


And yes, my martini is in a wine glass. I think after our first round of martinis there was a shortage of martini glasses, so round two was served in a wine glass.

Café Felix: Cafe Felix on Urbanspoon

Please help us in our burger domination mission!

PS – The huz’s burger creation is a FINALIST in one of our favorite local bar/burger joint’s burger creation contests! His burger is the BBQ SLAW Burger! You can help us get his burger featured on the menu and to win a FREE YEAR of BURGERS by going to Facebook (click here!) and voting for the BBQ SLAW BURGER (in Face-Off 1),OR by emailing and indicating that you would like to vote for the BBQ SLAW BURGER. Thank you so much!


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