The BBQ Slaw Burger

You may have heard in a previous post that the huz’s burger was selected as a finalist in a burger creation contest at a favorite local bar & grill  – Sidetrack!

The BBQ Slaw Burger “Our Famous Burger topped with handcrafted BBQ pork, double cheddar cheese and homemade cole slaw. Served with sweet potato fries.”

Yesterday, Sidetrack contacted us and indicated that they had decided to feature the burger as the Specialty Burger of the Day! So…we assembled a posse of nine of our ‘peeps’ and headed out to Depot Town to order a tableful of BBQ Slaw Burgers! We were thrilled upon entering to see his burger on the specials board!:


And this picture, taken by yours truly, was posted on Sidetrack’s Facebook wall yesterday, advertising the burger! Yup, that’s the huz.


Once our beers were ordered, we noticed The Halvorson BBQ Slaw Burger listed on the menu! Five Cent Femme joined us on our excursion, and, being the bold individual she is, asked the diners at the table beside us what they had ordered, to which they replied, “The specialty burger! The “Halvorson”!”, which was followed by squeals elicited by Five Cent Femme and myself as we proceeded to point out Mr. H himself, the creator. (Can you say run-on sentence?) Muahaha!

Our server also happened to stop by at that moment, and told us that the burger had been a popular item all day! We were treated very well by the Sidetrack staff (as always). Smile


And here she is. Again, I’ve been having camera issues lately, so not the BEST picture, but you get the idea. What it iz:

  • Beef patty, juicy and cooked to perfection
  • Double cheddar cheese
  • Tangy BBQ Pulled Pork (a hefty scoop is hidden in there, I promise!)
  • Creamy, Crunchy Coleslaw
  • Sweet Potatoes Fries (THE best, anywhere) + spicy horseradish dipping sauce

Oh me, oh my, this was rather incredible. I devoured every last bite of this, as did most everyone else at our table, of their respective burgers.




We are really excited to have the huz’s burger in the Final 4 and would totally appreciate if you could help us vote. The winner’s burger not only will become a fixture on the Sidetrack menu (so cool!!), but also, the winner will receive free burgers for one year!

There are two ways you can easily vote (through 8/28/11):

1. Email and indicate that you’d like to vote for the BBQ Slaw Burger.

2. Vote on Facebook by clicking this link (or by searching for Sidetrack Bar and Grill in Ypsilanti, MI on Facebook and voting in the poll for The BBQ Slaw Burger!)

…(And if you vote both ways – that’s two votes!)

The other top three burgers will be featured later this week at the restaurant, and a winner will be selected after voting ends later this month, on August 28,

Your votes are highly appreciated. The poll is open to burger lovers across the country, not just locals!

Mmm, burgers.

Note Currently listening to: In For The Kill (Skream Remix) – La Roux.

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