Crème Brûlée Imperial Milk Stout

It just wouldn’t be a weekend without a little bit of beer and gluttony, amirite? Friday afternoon, sitting in my cubicle, I had beer on the brain. Is that bad? I was just SO ready to NOT be in the office anymore. I mean, look at this tempting view I have out my window. And yes, that is a ground hog that lives outside the window behind my cube.


First beer of the weekend was a Tortuga Chocolate Stout on draft at Jolly Pumpkin. Probably not my favorite stout ever, but it was good. I prefer a less-sweet stout, with more of a roasted, burnt coffee taste, rather than the chocolate-y taste. But I guess I DID order a Chocolate Stout. That Bam Biere in the background belongs to my dining companion.


I wanted something interesting up next, so I ordered the oddest sounding beer I could find on the menu: Jolly Pumpkin’s Hummocky Lick Sumac Sensation. Unfortunately, it didn’t taste as interesting as one might anticipate. It was good, and I did like it, but didn’t knock my socks off.


Some time was killed between Jolly Pumpkin and dinner, as a result of Truffle Fry Over-consumption. Later, kind of randomly, we somehow ended up at Mongolian BBQ for dinner, despite an earlier intention of getting Indian food for dinner. I guess there are a few places that close by 10:00 PM on Friday. Gah!


That works. It tasted really good. Buffalo Shrimp! It’s the best.



Hello Faz    A Hello Faz Pizza on Urbanspoon

The weekend ensued with further gluttony, involving a calzone from Hello Faz, filled with pizza sauce, cheese, mushrooms, green olives, and ‘nana pepps. Hello Faz has the best calzones. I swear, I lived on these things in college. You can make a couple meals out of them!


Tandoori Chicken Pizza

I almost ordered Indian take-out this weekend, but instead ordered a Tandoori Chicken Pizza from Hello Faz! I loved it! More bold, exotic spice would be welcome, however.


Crème Brûlée Imperial Milk Stout

This beer might have been the highlight of my weekend. Okay, actually, it WAS the highlight of my weekend. Is that bad? Get this: Crème Brûlée Imperial Milk Stout, from Southern Tier Brewing Company. Um, YES PLEASE.

This functioned as a dessert and let me tell you, it was FANTASTIC. The flavor combination worked SO well! The toasty burnt flavor of the stout mixed with the vanilla bean flavor melded to perfectly recreate that burnt sugar effect created in crème brûlée. This beer was made for me.

It IS rather sweet, so I couldn’t drink it too frequently, but this is definitely a new favorite! As mentioned above, I really am not one for overly sweet drinks, however, I did not find this overly sweet at all, at least when consumed as dessert! The beer was very dark and oh-so luscious and rich. Mmm. Gotta be careful though, this baby is 9.6% ABV.


To tell you the truth, this weekend really was not my best. At all. Here’s to hoping for a good week.

NoteCurrently listening to: What The Water Gave Me – Florence + The Machine.

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