Raja Rani Review

During my junior year of college I lived across the street from this building, which houses an Indian restaurant called Raja Rani.


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This was the year that I lived in a studio apartment with something like 280 square feet, and my kitchen looked like this:

division 006

Uhhh..yeah. Literally, NO counter space. Or dishwasher! It was alright though – in fact I loved living alone for a year! My favorite part of my apartment was this exposed brick wall:

division 009

Actually, while I lived in this apartment, a car collided with the building one night! Luckily no one was hurt, but I heard that, at the time of the collision, the resident of the apartment that was hit was brushing his teeth, just minutes from lying down in bed. If the car had hit just a couple minutes later, he would have been lying in his bed, beside which is the wall that was hit by the car. A large part of his brick wall was smashed in, from what I could tell. Scary stuff!

In any case, what I am getting at here, is that, it wasn’t until about four years after living in this apartment that I finally got around to trying Raja Rani! And yes, that is despite the fact that I smelled Indian cuisine every.single.time I went outside or opened my windows for a year! I was also on a much more stringent budget in college, and didn’t get to dine out as often as I do now that I am a big tyme baller.

Yes, so last evening I went to Raja Rani for dinner and the Vegetarian Dinner Combo, which started out with a veggie samosa (stuffed with potatoes, peas, and Indian spices) and Daal soup (lentil + veggies). The soup was delish and the samosa was good too, but could have been a little warmer. With dinner, I sipped a Malbec.


Dinner was served on this giant platter, alongside a giant (unpictured) basket of warm, fresh naan. Menu descriptors of my dinner items:

  • Channa Masala – “Chickpeas cooked in an onion & tomato sauce with special spices”
  • Navrattan Korma – “Nine selected fresh vegetables cooked with fresh herbs & exotic spices.”
  • Palak Paneer – “Homemade cheese, spinach cooked with fresh herbs & spices.”

The Navarattan Korma was definitely my favorite! The sauce was unreal – loved it! Next time I go to Raja Rani, I may probably order this as my entrée. I actually really liked everything. Yummay! Plus, I have enough leftovers for dinner tonight. Booyah.


I’m going to tell you something, but ask you to not judge me, okay? I had two desserts. Dinner at Raja Rani included dessert and I chose Pistachio Ice Cream. It had lots of little pistachio chunks in it, but it just didn’t totally do it for me, so I had to get more dessert.



Raja Rani Fine Indian Cusine on Urbanspoon

So, after dinner at Raja Rani, we headed back to Iorio’s Gelateria (uh, yes, againwe also went last weekend) for GELATO. Mmm. Today I got a small though. So divine.


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