She Dreamed of Paradise Every Time She Closed Her Eyes

Greetings! This past week has seriously been go-go-go. When writing these blog posts, I always try to be mindful of recapping events in the context of food (since this is supposed to be a “food blog”) and so I will now attempt to do so. Disclaimer: I have been anything BUT a healthy-living blogger this past week. Bear with me. I’ll get my life together… soon.

Monday & Tuesday… I spent the beginning of the week in Bethesda, Maryland for work. Upon arrival, I had lunch at a local Spanish Tapas restaurant called Jaleo. The popular choice among my fellow table members was to start with a bowl of gazpacho. I feel compelled to describe this chilled dish as “lovely,” so let’s roll with it. It was good. Tasted like tomatoes and cukes.


Below are a few small plates from our table, including

  • Dátiles con tocino ‘como hace todo el mundo (bacon-wrapped dates)
  • Espinacas a la catalana (spinach dish)
  • Gambas al ajillo (garlic shrimp)
  • Cordero a la brasa con salsa de romero (grilled lamb with rosemary sauce)




After the work meeting, for dinner, like moths to a porch light, we were attracted to the flames shooting out of the sign at American Tap Room, and so this became our dinner destination.


[ source ]

All involved were equally charmed by the glowing menus.

For dinner I ordered the N’awlins Fish Sandwich, “Cajun-spiced filet with sautéed onions and our Remoulade sauce,” with salad in place of fries, and some brew. It was surprisingly really good.


[ source ]

Thursday evening of this past week, I met up with my BFF (Who just got engaged!! Congrats to her! I am honored to have been asked to serve as her matron of honor next summer!) for dinner in Highland after a touring her future wedding venue. This was my first time dining at Highland House, and we started with an order of bread that BFF highly recommended and, as it turned out, was good stuff! Served piping hot, and super garlicky, just my style.


Bacon and pineapple on my half, and bacon and pepperoni on hers. This pizza was, for lack of a more technical term, da bomb-dizzle.


Pizza swoon. Had an amazingly lovely evening with my fave! We had the kind of gossip and girl talk that only friends of 20 years can have.



Friday night I spent the evening with another fave, Five Cent Femme, among a few other interesting characters throughout the evening.

Our primary destination was Oktoberfest, which was set up on two blocks of Washington Street in downtown Ann Arbor. The street was closed to traffic, and filled with tents and picnic tables. And beer.

This (below) was my favorite beer of the evening: Bavarian Bliss Hefeweizen from Arbor Brewing Company (5.6% ABV). Later in the evening I tried a glass of 9% ABV Barleywine and I have to say that it was truly vile. Sorry, maybe I have an unsophisticated palate.


Midway through bar-, club-, and Oktoberfest-hopping (and by club-hopping, I mean we entered, nearly vommed looking at the skankiness that was everywhere, and then promptly peaced out), we hopped into the Chocolate House for cake-flavored ice cream and bacon truffle.

Lots of really, really, REALLY bizarre things happened to us on Friday night for some reason or another. Truly it was one of the more bizarre days I have ever had! This is all I will divulge for now. Here, enjoy this ice cream:



Saturday afternoon I truly lived the life of a Big Tyme Baller, because I accompanied the huz to the Michigan football game, where we sat in one of the LUXURY SUITES in the Big House. As a performance recognition, the huz was awarded these tickets this past week. Score!! I decided that, as a 25 year old, I may or may not now be a grown-a$$ woman, and as such, should dress the part. Here is what my grown-a$$ self wore to the game. Be jealous of my yellow flats.


His company has its own 16-person luxury suite. The windows open so you can still hear the announcer, music, cheering, etc., from the 110,000+ others in the stadium.


View looking down from our box seats:



Love the marching band.


HUGE perk!: A large spread of complimentary food before and during the whole game! I had two giant plates and it was glorious to watch the game from my cushy, plush leather seat (with a back and armrests, thank you!), while stuffing my phat face with FOOD. Nom.Nom.

Other perks include a pair of big flat screen TVs, granite counter tops, and access to big clean bathrooms with no lines.



Watching the game from the luxury box was basically, well, amazing. Smile

I’m such a hypocrite. As a college student, I complained like none other about these luxury boxes, because their construction caused my graduation ceremony to have to be moved to another location, yet as soon as I get to go in the luxury box, I am immediately smitten!


Oh, and PS – Michigan won! Go Blue!!

Dinner again involved Five Cent Femme, and was at a fave place – good ol’ Sidetrack, which never disappoints. Since I’d had a burger earlier in the day and wasn’t particularly all that hungry, I ordered “You Can Tune a Piano, But You Can’t Tuna Fish” (aka the tuna fish sandwich) with sweet potato fries. Of course I ate every last bite.


After dinner we went back to Oktoberfest for Day 2!


[ source ]

Also saw the Sklar Brothers perform – they were a riot.


Sunday, I got to be a Plus One for a Five Cent Femme’s company picnic. I mean, I can’t turn down free grilled burgers.


This past week has been really good, but I seriously need to get my eating habits back in line, starting tomorrow!

Have you heard the new Coldplay song? I am slightly obsessed with it at the moment.

Note Currently listening to: Paradise – Coldplay.

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