Spaghetti Squash Fail

Spaghetti Squash is a new veggie to me! I have been wanting to try it for some time and was excited to see it in my CSA box this week. After baking, the squash shreds into strands resembling spaghetti. I was hiiiiighly amused by this, let me tell you! (No joke! It’s cool, isn’t it!?)

I really need to learn to choose contrasting-colored cutting boards when taking pictures.


Sadly, I think I just picked the WRONG recipe for my Spaghetti Squash. In theory this sounded good. A casserole with a tomato and bell pepper-based sauce, topped with cheese, with spaghetti squash strands standing in as a lower-calorie replacement for pasta. However, this recipe was just… not good. Even tons of cheddar on top couldn’t salvage this. The seasoning was incredibly bland, and even after excessive tweaking I couldn’t get this to taste enticing.

I blame this recipe, not so much the squash. I’m sad about the wasted ingredients.


I still have half of the cooked squash and would like to try it in a different recipe. Ideas?

Sad dinner, with good intentions. Sad smile


Oh my word, Jillian Michaels kicked my bootAY last night. I have been sore and achy all day! Yikes! Now that daylight hours are lacking I have been running less and working out with Jilly more. I’m going to get ripped this fall, ya heard?

It’s 11:41 PM and I have a huge Le Creuset oven full of split pea soup simmering on my stove for tomorrow. I am weird.



PS – WordPress added a new “FOLLOW” feature to our blogs, which can be found in the lower right hand corner of the window. Once clicked, it gives the reader a simple option for receiving an email alert each time I post a new blog. Just a heads up if you might be interested.

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