Gandy dancer: Proscuitto-Wrapped Sea Scallops

Here is a recap of a few of my experiences dining out recently.

Gandy Dancer Gandy Dancer on Urbanspoon

Last week I was given the opportunity to eat dinner at Gandy Dancer for the first time, located in a lovely, historical building in Ann Arbor – an old depot from the 1800s, in fact. It was a bit dim, and I was a little camera-shy in the atmosphere and company, so I kept the flash off, as usual, and lightened up a few pics from the meal.

Below left: Brie appetizer

Below right: Prosciutto-wrapped Giant Sea Scallops with Roasted Tomato Risotta (swoon), on a bed of sautéed spinach. <- My entrée, it was wonderful.


Some other entrees from our table: Salmon and Halibut dishes


A couple desserts, including a [giant!] cheesecake slice with Oreo crust, and my choice: Key Lime Pie!


Blue Tractor Blue Tractor BBQ & Brewery on Urbanspoon

Dinner at the Blue Tractor bar with Five Cent Femme and others this weekend included a pulled chicken sandwich (excellent, but I didn’t eat much of the bun) with sweet potato fries (not a huge fan of their sweet potato fries), along with one of my favorite cocktails from Blue Tractor, the Southern Peach with bourbon, peach schnapps, pineapple juice and grenadine. It’s so good! I’m really not a fan of Blue Tractor’s beers, though I did have a glass of one of their beers, then switched over to a Jolly Pumpkin brew instead.



Also this weekend, the huz and I headed out to Depot Town to retrieve his “Burger Bucks” from Sidetrack, earned for winning their Best Burger Creation contest. Fifty-two free burgers!



Once we were at Sidetrack, we tried an app we’ve never had before: Irish Pub Rolls, filled with ham, Swiss cheese, and pickles wrapped into egg rolls, with a whole grain mustard dipping sauce. These were very good, but I feel that fried pickles are a better deal.


I ordered my favorite thing at Sidetrack (except maybe the burgers): Black Bean Burger Tacos! Mmm Mmm! I completely forgot to request sweet potato fries, which was okay because I love their beans and rice as well. Let’s be honest, I’ve never tried anything at Sidetrack that I didn’t like.


The huz ordered his winning BBQ Slaw Burger.


Alright, tomorrow is Monday, which means back to healthy eating habits!

Actually, this evening I cooked some lighter fare: Corn and Shrimp Chowder with Bacon. This is the second time I’ve made this chowder and I love it.


It’s been fun. I’m off to orchestra rehearsal soon.

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