La Marsa Review

Fellow Ann Arborites may have noticed the new Mediterranean restaurant La Marsa on State Street, currently housed in the former Cosi location. Recently I went here for a weekend lunch. The Ann Arbor News reports that the tenants are, “partners in a string of Oakland County Middle Eastern restaurants,” and after viewing the menu and tasting the food, I suspect they may be partners with the owners of Palm Palace. Anyone know?


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I was surprised how large the restaurant was inside! I loved the interior décor – lots of well-coordinated colors, tasteful art, and pretty textures. Even the floor was nice, with classy oversized slate tiles.

There weren’t very many people inside, but it was around noon on a Sunday. I can imagine it might get a bit busier on a weekday during lunch, with lots of nearby college students filtering in and out.

After we ordered, we were brought a basket of soft, warm, freshly-fired pita bread and garlic paste – a favorite of the huz and I.


For lunch, I ordered a salad. I can’t remember the name, but I believe this was just their house salad, very similar to Palm Palace’s house salad (both of which, I love!), with a herby-lemony dressing, and lots of grassy parsley. Good salad!100111_1

I also ordered a Falafel sandwich for lunch. I liked my sandwich a lot, but the falafel was almost TOO heavy on the parsley flavor for me though. ‘Twas good though! Nice and warm, and a healthy dose of pickles in there too.


Our service was, overall, prompt and accurate, and prices were reasonable, so all in all I’d say we had a pleasant experience at La Marsa. I’d be interested in going back and trying their dinner entrees. (Though it’s a bit sad I can’t go there for dinner and enjoy a glass of wine with dinner, since no alcohol is served, which I guess is common in Middle Eastern/Mediterranean restaurants in the area.)

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