Sottini’s Sub Shop Review

I’ve walked by Sottini’s many times in Ann Arbor, but never stopped by. Not long ago, LivingSocial offered a coupon for two subs and two drinks for $6, which I purchased, and, this past weekend, redeemed.

It’s kind of a pain to park down on Fourth Street, but we ended up in the Fourth & Washington parking structure.


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My 8” sub of choice: Hot Philly Sub. This is SO not something I’d typically order but I was in the mood to try something different. My sub was filled with roast beef, mushrooms, cheese, onions, and mayo. This was yummy! At the regular price of $4.95, I’ll take this over a $5 Footlong ANY day… PLEASE. Immensely better than Subway.


My dining companion ordered the sub recommended by the girls behind the counter: “Super Sub – Ham, salami, pastrami & cheese. Comes with onions, lettuce, tomato, oil & vinegar w/ oregano.” I had a bite of this and it was good! (But I liked mine better… And he liked his better.. So there…!)

I should also mention that we split a container of Macaroni Salad (just liked MBD’s) – love that stuff.

It was SUCH a gorgey October day (perfectly sunny and temperatures in the 70s!) that we ate at one of the outdoor tables in front of Sottini’s on Fourth Street. Also…the atmosphere was pretty weird (nonexistent?) inside, so it was highly desirable to eat outside!


I asked the girls behind the counter if they were affiliated with Maize & Blue Deli, and she indicated that they are the cousins of the Maize & Blue peeps. The glass case full of slabs of meat and blocks of cheese tipped me off. So there you have it.

Overall, our subs were very delicious. If I happened to be in the area and in the mood for a sandwich for lunch, I can see myself stopping in again for an inexpensive and tasty sub. However, I wouldn’t go out of my way to come back here (parking is a pain, and there are closer, more accessible options to where I live/work), and also, I would probably prefer to take my food to-go upon returning (or else dine outdoors again!) since the atmosphere didn’t do much for me.

But again, if I’m in the area again, I’d stop by for a sub! I’d say it’s worth checking out, however, I have to say that I highly prefer Maize & Blue Deli’s sammiches over Sottini’s Subs.


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