98 Pumpkin Cookies

This weekend I made cookies.


Lots of cookies. Pumpkin cookies. Ninety-eight, to be exact. Yeah, that means I sat through four 14-minute cycles of baking two cookies sheets at a time. Weeeeee!

It was my section’s turn to bring a snack to orchestra this week, so I decided to make a double batch of cookies and share the wealth with the huz and also with co-workers.


I made a pretty baller icing bag out of a ziplock bag, too.


I can’t wait to have a big kitchen some day. For now, every square inch of counter space was covered in PUMPKIN COOKIES! But I mean, let’s be real, here – if that’s my biggest complaint of the day (having counters full of pumpkin cookies), then I live a pretty amazing life.

I used this recipe for Pumpkin Cookies, and it was a winner. These cookies went overly extremely well and were quickly devoured. They were amazingly soft. Mmm. Such a great recipe, you gotta try ‘em. The huz couldn’t stop swooning over these. Unfortunately for him, he hopped on a plane a few hours after I made these, so he didn’t get to enjoy very many.

It’s hard to say how these compare to my cousin’s wife’s pumpkin cookies, because she is known for making some killer pumpkin cookies! Smile


So basically, I had prepared a pretty platter of these cookies and made a nice little set outdoors to photograph them, and my janky (yet beloved) camera was somehow stuck in “fireworks” mode (tragic, yet hilarious at the same time), and the pictures turned out, well, …horrendously, so the above shots are all I have!

I also had prepared a nice series of shots from a recent butternut soup-cooking episode, and again, these shots didn’t turn out. Gotta get that camera fixed or replaced soon! This looks pretty good though:


So today, I was thinking that I was in dire need of creating blog content. I considered, “maybe I could blog everything I eat for a week.” Then reconsidered, “No, that would be wayyyy too boring. My life is not that interesting.” So I don’t know; I then thought, “hey, let’s try it for a day.”

So here it is. Everything I consumed today.

This morning, as is the case every Monday through Friday, my first stop was Espresso Royale. My punch card was full (WIN!), so instead of my usually coffee, I splurged ordered a (free!) Cappucino Royale (no sugar or sweetener required).


Mmmm. Coffee is my daily breakfast, and I don’t typically eat anything for breakfast. I know it’s not the best habit. I grew up always eating breakfast, but once I started counting calories in May 2010, I started nixing breakfast, and it’s worked for me, as I’m truly not all that hungry in the morning anyways. I prefer to eat my calories later in the day, when I am hungry.

Occasionally, if my stomach does start to rumble in the morning, I’ll have a banana, apple, or maybe half of a Larabar to tide me over until lunch.


Next I headed to work and arrived by 9:00 AM. I haven’t discussed my work much in the blog, but I am a Clinical Subjects Coordinator at the 18th best university in the world, which basically means that I coordinate a research study, involving recruiting, screening, and scheduling research study participants, conducting research measures and collecting study data, coordinating collection of biological specimens, handling regulatory compliance, etc. …Sometimes I also refer to myself as a “data collecting b****,” too.

But that is neither here nor there. All in all, it’s been a good situation, and as with any job, there are good days that are very rewarding, and other days that are…well, not so much.

Today for lunch I prepared a yogurt bowl, something I eat nearly every day for lunch. I had 3/4 nonfat Fage Greek yogurt topped with honey and and my favorite granola. When I have berries on hand I add those as well.


With my yogurt bowl, I also had a warmed bowl of leftover Curry Spiced Butternut Squash Soup, which I made using Ashley’s recipe. Also, pumpkin cookie for dessert!


Again, my camera was in “fireworks” mode (FML) when I took these pictures of the soup-making process, but I do have a handful of (yellowed) shots illustrating the process.

Basically I sautéed an onion in oil until soft and lightly browned, to begin, followed by the addition of several spices that nicely complemented the butternut squash.


Next I added cubed butternut squash.


Broth was the next ingredient. In place of broth, I used water, along with “Better Than Bouillon” vegetable bouillon. I love this stuff! I wish it had a lower sodium content, however. I actually used half of this bouillon (which has the better flavor) and half of a sodium-free powdered chicken bouillon to cut down on sodium.

Following Ashley’s recipe, I ended with a rather thin soup which had an amazing flavor. I would suggest using a conservative hand when adding the broth, because I found mine to be a bit too thin. The flavor, created by the amazing combination of Indian spices, was outstanding however.

Once everything simmered for a while, and the squash was softened, I pureed the soup in a blender, and then it was basically ready to go!


After the ol’ nine-to-five shift, I had originally planned to have leftover Butternut Squash Soup and shrimp for dinner tonight, but after having three meals containing the soup in the last couple days, I was getting burnt out, and decided to substitute pizza rolls instead. Muahaha!

All morning I had a mild, dull headache, which, after lunch, evolved into a pounding, soul-sucking migraine, which left me desiring comfort food.

To satiate my newfound love for shrimp, I prepared (an entire bag of – cooking for one tonight!) Gorton’s Grilled Shrimp in skillet (swoon), along with pizza rolls, and raw veggies dipped in a low-calorie Trader Joe’s queso dip. This made me feel much better, at least for a while.


Oh, and I definitely went back for the rest of the pizza rolls after eating the above plate, along with a cookie for dessert. Pizza rolls are a rarely-indulged guilty pleasure of mine.


Later in the evening, I was so tensed up from my pounding, worsening headache, that I decided to decompress with a glass of wine, and a serving of chips (yes, I count out one serving size!). I can’t remember what brand these are and I am too lazy to run downstairs and look, but I found them at Whole Foods, but basically they are a wannabe, “all-natural” version of Cool Ranch Doritos. These are nice and thick and I like the texture but the flavor just does NOT live up to Cool Ranch Doritos (which have approximately the same number of calories, by the way… plus a few chemicals). They’re good though.


A sliced pear with almond butter was also consumed at some point today. Pears are so delicious right now.


If you made it to the end, you deserve a reward! Smile

Note Currently listening to: The Rapture (Fear is a Mind Killa Mix) – Puscifer.

3 thoughts on “98 Pumpkin Cookies

  1. Woooo hooooo! I deserve a reward! I am so amazing, but not as amazing as Megan! Wow, I loved the cookie story. I’m looking forward to trying these. As always, thanks for sharing your food adventures. I always enjoy them. 🙂

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