Pacific Veggie Pizza

This is another “everything-I-ate-today” post.

Thursday morning necessitated, as always, Espresso Royale coffee.


Typical lunch for me lately: Fage yogurt with honey and granola (a few craisins, too) and a frozen Indian entrée. I have a slight obsession with paneer ever since Aarti discussed it on the FoodNet. It’s a fresh, mild Indian cheese you can easily make a home – I have got to try it. These Ethnic Gourmet meals are usually pretty good, but the Tandoor Chef meals are better!


For dinner I was again solo, with the huz out of town for work, so I ordered myself a small specialty pizza from Domino’s. The Pacific Veggie Pizza was my choice, and with a couple substitutions from the original, my toppings were: roasted red peppers, spinach, onions, mushrooms, banana peppers, green olives, with feta and provolone cheese on a parmesan crust. Wow, this was SO good – even better than I expected!

I also got a small Greek salad from Whole Foods to go with dinner.


Oh, baby. For dinner I had three pieces. About four hours later I had another slice. Hey, it’s a small pizza and they’re small slices! And then another hour later…I had another slice. At that point I’d eaten five of the six slices, so decided to go big or go home and eat the final slice. This was a total indulgence for me but I don’t even feel bad. My calorie count for the day was still under 2000. So worth it!


Thursday after dinner I bought some new picture frames from Kohl’s and have been working on filling them with photographs. I’ve gotten around 100 prints for free through promotions on Shutterfly. I was pretty proud of myself; I assembled the frame, attached picture-hanging wire to the back of the frame, busted out some measuring tape, nailed an anchor into the wall, nearly dropped a hammer on my foot and screamed, and hung one of the picture frames all on my own. Yay!


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