Halloween Weekend 2011–Part I

Friday I took advantage of Latte Day at Espresso Royale – a skim latte.


The only sandwich better than a Maize & Blue Deli sandwich is a FREE Maize & Blue Deli sandwich! Leftover catering at work made a delicious lunch. We even had leftovers of my favorite MBD sammie: #27 – Cindy’s Daily with smoked turkey, lettuce, tomato, provolone on pumpernickel. I bought the chips home for another day.


Friday night the huz flew back to Detroit from Baltimore, and we promptly went in search of food. We decided to go to Sava’s again for a full experience, since last week when we went, we weren’t all that hungry due to a Bdub’s binge just prior to dinner. We also chose Sava’s for it’s proximity to the State Theatre, where we were headed later that evening.

We could not resist ordering the Smoked Salmon Pizza appetizer again. It was just as good as last time. Mmm!

I did, however, stray from the Malbec I usually order and tried a different wine – an unremarkable Merlot.


I should probably also mention that the huz and I were totally THE weirdos at Sava’s. Not only were we the ONLY people dressed up at 8:00 PM (which we totally expected – we always get dressed up and head out early every year), but I was also taking pictures of my food (with a flash); plus we didn’t really order traditionally – we ordered two small plates and a sandwich to split. What weirdos. It’s okay though, I never mind being the weirdo. I’m rather used to it. The most interesting people are always the weirdos.

Our second small plate we tried the Black & Blue Steak Bites. The steak was very good, but I wanted more blue cheese crumbles! Smile


Literally right after I took my final bite of our small plates, our sandwich was brought. Perfect timing always impresses me! Throughout the meal our service was satisfactorily attentive, prompt, and accurate.

Sava’s has an extensive menu of sandwiches, burgers, and “handhelds” that are under ten bucks each, so we decided to try the Cuban Sandwich. I’ve actually never had a Cuban sandwich before. I know Frita Batido’s has an “Inspired Cuban” sandwich on their menu, but it’s an item I have yet to try. This Cuban was filled with chorizo, shredded pork, pickles(!!!), mustard, mayo, and probably some other items that I couldn’t identify but seemed to work well in this rich sandwich. Chorizo is really good – nice and spicy! I need to try cooking with it!


We ordered and split two desserts. We were sad to discover that the Reese’s Cheesecake was sold out. Sad smile

Instead, we picked Tortufo (a chocolate, layered Italian ice cream). Yum, but I wished for a larger portion for six bucks.


Our second dessert was the Chocolate Lava Cake. I was glad we each got our own ice cream scoop, because really, who wants to share ice cream? Usually I’m not a fan of vanilla ice cream (nor vanilla icing), but this was pretty decent ice cream! The chocolate lava cake was rich, moist, and beyond delicious; still warm and soft in the middle. I like mine undercooked even more, though. I mean honestly, if you gave me a cup of warm cake batter, that would be ideal. Still wonderful though.

It’s also worth pointing out that we enjoyed live music during dinner, including a live jazzy rendition of the Sesame Street theme – absurd yet amazing. Lovesit.


Sava's Cafe on Urbanspoon

After dinner at Sava’s, we met with some friends at Bdub’s for drinks and spotted a White Swan, my Black Swan’s alter-ego! Here I am as Black Swan this year. Don’t get too excited though. This is the Night #1 version of my costume, the conservative, warm version. Saturday night I will be busting out my ballerina dress and the full version of my costume. I may also suffer hypothermia. We’ll see.



Super unflattering picture. Am I a tranny or Black Swan? You decide. The huz is wearing an oldie-but-goodie convict costume. He has another homemade costume coming up in a day or two, though!


The huz’s convict costume is circa my sophomore year of college (yes, I was blonde), when my nine housemates and I dressed up like cops Party Police, and the huz dressed as a convict to coordinate with me. See?:

Party Police! 2Convict & Officer 4

Anyways, next on Friday, we headed over to the State Theatre for a midnight showing of Rocky Horror, featuring the Tickled Fancy troupe as the shadow cast. The pre-show honestly did not really entertain me, but I thought Tickled Fancy did a great job shadowing the film.

Prior to the movie, I purchased a participation kit. The huz and I also refused to admit that we were “virgins” (..to seeing Rocky Horror in the theater – though I have seen the movie a few times on the small screen) because I didn’t want a large lipstick-y “V” plastered on my Black Swan face.


In the kit I found several items that I definitely had Googled prior to the show, to know when to use them.


My favorite participation moment was holding a newspaper over our heads while spraying the audience with a squirt gun during the rain scene.

Yup, I still look like a total man here. This may be the worst picture of me ever documented! Muahaha.


Halloween weekend just may be my favorite weekend of the year. So excited for Saturday night too!

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