Halloween Weekend 2011–Part II

Halloween weekend is a big deal and Saturday is the big night this year. Morning fuel consisted of scrambled eggs, sausage, rye toast, and an apple with caramel.


Before I knew it, I was again putting on my Black Swan costume and getting ready to go out with Five Cent Femme, who dressed as a peacock. Yup, we were both avian creatures this year.

Last December I saw Black Swan the first day it was in theaters (also bought the Blu-Ray the first day it was released!), and since last year, I knew I wanted to be Black Swan for Halloween this year, so it’s been a long time coming. It’s definitely one of my very favorite moves of all-time.

This is the second year in a row that I was a movie character for Halloween. Last year I dressed up as Hit Girl from the movie Kick-Ass.

Five Cent Femme had a highly impressive set of accessories to accompany her costume, and her tulle skirt is homemade. Uh…ch-ch-check out her GLITTER heels!

I, on the other hand, am wearing tame black ballet flats. My outfit is a Playboy bunny dress that I altered (removed all the bunny accessories) and added a petticoat on top. I also have a sequined and feathered headpiece. I bought everything for my costume at Fantasy Attic in Depot Town, Ypsi.


Clearly I have zero ballet experience. Smile


How’d I do on the make-up?!


Later I definitely needed more fuel for all the ballet freak dancing I would be doing. ABC’s chicken strips are to-die-for. And actually, the four dollar house salad I got was great, too. With dinner, I had a pumpkin stout to drink.


Then, The Bang!


I told you I’m a weirdo, remember? This month, for Halloween, it was The Blood Bang.




Two birds of a feather:



I LOVE seeing everyone’s costumes! There were a couple other Black Swans (and another White Swan!), but clearly I think I was the best. Smile

Oh, and for the record, here is the huz’s other costume this year:


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