Halloween Weekend 2011–Part III

Happy Halloween! Tonight I handed out this junk to our twenty or so trick-or-treaters. Aww, I love my little skeleton guy. These are actually the leftovers. Must give this away soon so I don’t eat it.


I figured that since this is a food blog I should discuss more food in this post. Last night I tried this recipe for Chicken and Sausage Jambalaya from Cooking Light, but it was just okay. It was pretty bland, so I wouldn’t really recommend the recipe, but it has potential.

Yup, still sporting that Black Swan polish.


It was alright. Filled with smoked turkey sausage, shredded chicken, rice, green pepper, tomatoes, onion, rice, garlic, thyme, and cayenne pepper (which I inhaled and was having a sneezing fit all night.)


Tonight’s dinner, on the other hand, was somewhat haphazardly thrown together, containing leftover items, since I wasn’t starving after having a potluck at work together. I heated up some leftover turkey sausage, steamed some broccoli, and served it with a scoop of my leftover potluck dish, which was a Tortellini Salad with pepperoni, mozzarella cubes, and artichokes.

After dinner, I had to go rescue this bia (in her peacock costume, no less!!! muahahaha) and her dead car. Now I know how to use jumper cables. Five Cent Femme (FCF) had that shiz totally under control, meanwhile I was on the side freaking out, whining that we need a man. I’m so helpless. FCF totally impressed me with her mad car-starting skillz tonight. Especially whilst frolicking in a tulle peacock tutu.


Note Currently listening to: Green Valley – Puscifer.

Question of the day: Do you know how to use jumper cables? Am I the only helpless chick out there?

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