Stuffed Pepper Soup

This week I found a use for the last of the chopped green peppers I’ve had stored in my freezer for the past couple months: Stuffed Pepper Soup.


Yeah, you remember these guys:


I used this Stuffed Pepper Soup Recipe from Taste of Home, with a couple modifications. I used beef broth (still have a collection in the pantry!) in place of water + beef bouillon, and only used half the amount of liquid called for. (How do I not end that sentence in a preposition? “..only half of the amount of liquid specified”?). I also only made half of the original recipe which was enough for dinner for two, plus two lunches for one. Not bad!

The soup itself was tasty, filled with browned ground beef, cooked brown rice, green peppers (duh), diced tomatoes, tomato sauce, and brown sugar to balance the acidity of the tomatoes and peppers. My addition, which made the soup, in my opinion, was Velveeta cheese on top.

Velveeta is not an ingredient I typically have on hand (even though I LOVE it – guilty pleasure), but I bought it for a recipe that I did not end up making this week, so I’ve been adding it to everything. Eggs, soup, broccoli, kielbasa – anything! I’ve even contemplated layering it atop sliced Granny Smith apples. Thoughts?

Not including the Velveeta, this soup has around 250 calories per one cup serving.


Stuffed Pepper Soup Rating: 7/10

Note Currently listening to: Princess of China – Coldplay ft. Rihanna.

I listened to this song approximately 59 times… today.

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