Awesome Life Decision

I’ve been on a couple “kicks” lately.

1) Arbor Brewing Company. Been to ABC, like, five times in the last couple months. This Friday I tried the Cajun-Seasoned Whitefish Tacos with Beans and Rice. The tacos were delicious and meaty, and I really liked the tortillas as well, but my only wish was for more HEAT! With the descriptor “cajun-seasoned”  I was expecting them to be a bit hotter. The spice flavor was there, but no heat. Bring me some hot sauce ASAP.  The rice was alright and the beans were great! I love me some beans. These were really good though, I’d actually I would probably order them again.

To drank, I enjoyed ABC’s Night Stalker Pumpkin Cream Stout beer (6% ABV), followed by Brasserie Blonde (6% ABV). Can’t resist the $2.50 happy hour drinks.


Can’t go to ABC without ordering chicken tenders. ABC’s are by far the best I’ve ever had anywhere. ANYWHERE. I had my fair share of these last weekend, however, so this weekend it was time for the huz to see what I’ve been raving about. I believe he was equally smitten.P1050675


2) Gelato. My gelato obsession has been well-documented on the blog. Namely, Iorio’s. I just.cannot.get.enough. In my glory:


Spectacular, as always.


Saturday started out healthy. I had a nutrish little lunch consisting of a veggie-filled salad, a tart McIntosh apple, and a Southwestern Amy’s Burrito, followed by a 3.25 mile run at Gallup Park. It was a gorgeous, sunny, 50-degree November day today!

Why yes, I would like to go run along the Huron River, thanks. Crunchy autumn leaves smell so much better than car exhaust and fabric softener (common smells in my neighborhood, which is where I usually run.)





For dinner we made an Awesome Life Decision (ALD, as opposed to PLD), and got Popeye’s for dinner. And by “got Popeye’s for dinner,” I mean we drove to a legit truck stop in Dexter for a box of fried chicken and then toted it back home to watch the DVR’ed Michigan Football game. While the game was not-so-awesome, I can’t lie, this food made my stomach very happy:



I’m off to get groceries for the week now. Here’s my tentative dinner menu for the week (which is what you can anticipate seeing on the blog!):

  • Sunday: Indian Butter Chicken in the slow-cooker
  • Monday: Turkey Kielbasa, Butternut Squash, and Roasted Brussels Sprouts
  • Tuesday: Dinner with my BFF
  • Wednesday: Shrimp Alfredo
  • Thursday: Turkey Sausage, Mushroom, and Potato Gratin
  • Friday: Out!

Note Currently listening to: Change (In The House Of Flies) – Deftones.

Never get sick of this song. One of my top five favorites of all time, for sure.

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