Burgers, Wraps, and Sandwiches

Friday evening, Five Cent Femme and I had a night out which started in Depot Town and ended on Main Street. We went to Sidetrack to get our BBQ Slaw fix. Update: It’s now on the menu!! Missed the “BBQ Slaw” Story? Read about it here.


But, I’m not sure how you could forget this sucker. Oh my word, my burger patty was huge this week, and I ate every damn bite of it.


Also of note – this past Friday was 11.11.11, and someone wrote on Five Cent Femme’s car while we were parked on Main.P1050759

Saturday morning I went grocery shopping at Meijer and then came home and made lunch, consisting of tuna salad and romaine on a Flatout wrap, cheese crisp crackers, a carrot (as of late, the huz keeps telling me I am a guinea pig because I’ve been gnawing on a lot of whole carrots), sliced banana, and barely-visible blackberries. Blackberries were on sale for only $0.50/container, so I bought four containers this week! I may freeze some. I wish I had bought more, what a steal.


During the day Saturday, I was running all over the place, but finally made it back home with a bag of Maize & Blue sammies for dinner. Oh, win. I decided to try a chicken sandwich this time, and #82: chicken, bacon, mayo, BBQ sauce, lettuce, tomato & onion on grilled white, sounded like the best chicken option.

To drink, I enjoyed a homemade wine spritzer, which was a mix of Diet Sun Drop soda with Chardonnay. Super classy. Dinner was enjoyed with Michigan Football.


The chicken club was very good. I liked the BBQ sauce – but I wanted more BBQ sauce! I don’t even need to tell you that bacon was a great idea. However, the chicken wasn’t the most flavorful and I prefer MBD’s smoked turkey over their chicken. Still, I devoured this sandwich and might even order it again.


For dessert, I made Tosh.0-style chocolate chippers.


Hope you’re having yourself a good Sunday. I’ll be back in the not-too-distant future with a Sunday update.

3 thoughts on “Burgers, Wraps, and Sandwiches

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