Ravens Club Brunch and Zingerman’s Creamery

I love Groupon. And LivingSocial. And the RealDeal. All those guys. Every morning, after my alarm goes off, the first thing I do is check my email on my iPhone, and read through all the new Groupons in my inbox.

This week, we used one of the very best LivingSocial vouchers that I have scored to date – brunch for two with UNLIMITED mimosas at Ravenclaw The Ravens Club, which was purportedly at least a $43 value, for only $20! I bought not one, but two of these vouchers.

We had a 10:45 AM reservation, and upon entering, I had a feeling that many of the diners at The Ravens Club were also redeeming their LivingSocial vouchers, since nearly everyone looked wasted had a mimosa!

To start, we were brought two small, plain, dense, biscuit-y pastries which primarily served as vehicle for delivering delicious lemon sauce to my face.


And then…weeee! Mimosas for everyone! And by everyone, I mean the huz and I. We were seated in a little intimate round booth in the back corner, which I loved, because it meant I could lurk and creep over everyone else in the restaurant but no one else was well-poised to be able to creep back on us. Win.

So, apparently these mimosas are regularly $9 each. They were really great mimosas, actually pretty strong (but maybe that’s because my first one was consumed on an empty stomach), but $9 seems a bit steep. I think if I were paying full price, $6-7 seems more reasonable. However, given that our voucher hooked us up with unlimited mimosas, we decided to enjoy ourselves, and ended up having 3 each. That’s regularly $54 worth of mimosas – WOWZA. All before noon. Clearly I was feeling pretty good great when we left. I was pretty much a giggle storm for two hours after brunch.


While we were waiting for our food, we enjoyed the ambiance of The Ravens Club while sipping our drinks. From what I understand, the establishment is styled as a 1920s era bar serving “heirloom style” cuisine.

For adventurous diners and “foodies,” the menu is typically a lot of fun. One of my favorite things to do is read restaurant menus, and The Ravens Club menu is very interesting, which I appreciate. Boring menus are no fun!

The huz and I have both been to The Ravens Club one time before, last July, which was not long after the restaurant’s grand opening, for our three-year wedding anniversary dinner. Read about our first visit here.

I’m going to warn you, and also apologize for the fact that these pictures sadly did not turn out very well because I drank too many mimosas some of my camera settings were not set correctly during brunch; however, I have a new camera being shipped out this week. Hooray! (Thanks huz!).

For my brunch, I selected an omelette with shrimp, baby squash, roasted peppers & S. Serra Caciocavallo (a local, Michigan cheese), served with two thick slices of Avalon bread toast (another local, Detroit-based company). Such a pretty plate! I loved that I could see all the elements of my omelette peeking out as my plate was presented. I really enjoyed this omelette; the lumps of shrimp were abundant, the roasted peppers were actually amazing, and the cheese was a nice accompaniment.

I required just a bit more salt and pepper to ramp up the flavor of the dish. I love super-peppery eggs. I also enjoy savory breakfasts; I rarely, if ever order sweet breakfasts like pancakes or French toast, unless they are accompanied by lots of savory, salty items. So clearly, this hit the spot.


The huz chose the Beef Hash for brunch, “Creekstone braised beef, roasted heirloom potatoes with onions, capers and poached duck egg.”

From my research, I learned that the beef source, Creekstone Farms, offers all-natural products, including beef with no antiobiotics, hormones, growth-drugs, or artificial ingredients. That’s pretty cool in and of itself, but also admirable that The Ravens Club sources such a quality product. I tried a bite and enjoyed a nice rich, onion-y flavor of the tender beef and potatoes.


At our first visit to The Ravens Club a few months ago we had a nice time and an overall good meal (not outstanding), but had mixed reviews on the food; however, I would say that my omelette today probably tasted better than any of the dishes I tried last time. I sense an improvement! We did have very good service at both visits too, I must add.

The Ravens Club: The Ravens Club on Urbanspoon


Zingerman’s Creamery Tour

Not long after brunch, at the recommendation of a colleague, we went in search of Zingerman’s Creamery for a tour. Upon entering, and paying our mere $5 tour fee each, free samples were shoved in our face, which our faces gladly accepted!


Gelato makes me weak in the knees.

I tried Dark Chocolate and Maple Pecan; both were heavenly. The quality and flavor were commendable, but Zinger’s flavor assortment was not as abundant or creative as Iorio’s, however. But… I love that the creamery is located only five minutes from my house with ample free parking, unlike Iorio’s. (That could be dangerous).


During the tour, we got to step into the cheese- and gelato-making facilities, and witness both a mozzarella-making demonstration, as well as a gelato-making presentation.


Mozzarella in a salt bath:


Samples are the best.


Freshest mozza I’ve ever tasted. Mmm. Squishy! All the mozzarella is sold on the same day is it made, and any that does not sell the date it is made is smoked, and sold as… well, naturally, smoked mozzarella.


CHEESE! Zingerman’s house-made cheese is made with locally-sourced Michigan milk.


The best part of the tour, is that, in addition to the free samples before and during the tour, plus the tour itself, is that the cost of the tour ($5/person) is refunded to you in the form of a coupon you can use toward a purchase! How cool is that?! We selected 8 oz. of Pimento Cheese (shown below) and a 12 oz. container of Maple Pecan Gelato. I loooove MAPLE.


Post-Mimosa-, gelato-, and cheese-buzzed. Don’t worry, the mimosa-buzz was fading before this picture was taken in the car.

(I just got my hair done yesterday, you like? Fresh dye job and a trim. As always, my teeth look huge.) The huz is participating in movember, hence the out of control facial hair. Send help.


Note Currently listening to: The Sound of Winter – Bush.

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