Red Robin & Russell

Good news!! I got a new camera!

Not-so-good news: This post is full of iPhone pics, since I didn’t have a chance to charge my camera battery prior to this meal.

Oh well, I think we can deal.

Wednesday night we used an anniversary gift card from MegGoesNomNom-Mom and went to Red Robin for dinner. (Our anniversary was a while back, I’ve just been saving the card.) All day I dreamt of the fries I would consume. They did not disappoint. OMW so good.

I ordered the Bruschetta Chicken Sandwich, which the menu describes as, “A perfectly grilled chicken breast with freshly prepared bruschetta salsa, pesto aioli, Provolone cheese, romaine lettuce and balsamic cream on rustic ciabatta bread.”

My only criticism was that the bread was a just tad dry and not really ciabatta-like. With that said, the grilled chicken filet was giant and juicy, served nice and not, and delicious! I am a pesto lover, and this sandwich definitely delivered that bright pesto flavor that I so love! Promptly devoured this sandwich. And obviously the fries as well.


The huz ordered the other menu item that I was eyeballing – the Jim Bean burger, covered in so much dang Swiss cheese you can’t even see the beef (that is not a complaint, trust me), caramelized onions, and bacon.


Dessert was ridiculous and that’s all I have to say.


And I ate every ridiculous bite. Well half. Minus the whip. Good lawd, this was serious.


Red Robin: Red Robin America's Gourmet Burgers and Spirits on Urbanspoon

After dinner we went to see Russell Brand perform at the EMU Convocation Center. We score a pair of floor seats for nearly 75% on LivingSocial. I told you I’m obsessed. Russell was hilarious and put on an entertaining show with lots of audience interaction. A fun little Wednesday night, eh?


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