Thanksgiving 2011

How was your Thanksgiving? Mine was lovely, and spent at my parents’ house – a modest group of five, plus Daisy.

Before dinner, I was playing around with my new camera, photographing these mixed nuts. Several were also consumed by me. Love the walnuts!


Daisy enjoyed lots of nuzzling with everyone.


My parents prepared a 16 pounder this year.




All of our usual, favorite sides: squash, rolls, mashed potatoes, and stuffing. The stuffing was my favorite this year! Apparently it was a doctored-up version of the McCormick brand cubes, with added broth, butter, onions, celery, and sage.



Other elements included GRAVY, sweet and dill pickles, green olives, and cranberries.


Pie for dessert! My mom made pumpkin pie and my Aunt Becky had dropped off one of her chocolate pies. She adopted this famous family recipe that my late Great Aunt Elaine used to make, with a silky chocolate filling atop a sweet and salty pecan crust. The crust is the best part, I think.


My sis, mom, and me! I think we forgot to get one with my dad in it too this year. Oops!


The huz and I:


My parents had planned a 2:00 PM dinner, and we all sat down literally at 1:59. Impressively timed! We are all interesting characters – I think at some point we all took our blood pressure….!? Only my family would do this…

Later in the evening, I opened this bottle of wine that I have been saving, called “CIGARZIN.” This was a Christmas gift from my Aunt Becky last year and I’ve been waiting for a suitable evening to pop open this bottle, but over the last eleven months, we really haven’t had any evenings that have involved smoking after-dinner cigars.


In lieu of cigars, I paired this bottle with a Thanksgiving Round II plate, with leftovers, including turkey, cranberries, banana bread, Bugles (!?), and pumpkin pie. This five year old bottle of wine was spicy, fruity, and actually left sort of a smoky aftertaste in my mouth.


Thanksgiving night we watched the Lady Gaga Thanksgiving special on TV and it was actually pretty enjoyable!

I have much to be thankful for this year. Hope you all had a wonderful holiday as well.

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