The Day After Thanksgiving

The Day After Thanksgiving. Or, Black Friday, if you will.

Honestly there are very few things in life I would rather do less than go to any sort of retail establishment the day after Thanksgiving. I just don’t buy into the hype, and am far too annoyed by people, in general, to face the public on this day. I am much more content at home in my fleece PJs, wearing fuzzy slippers, nursing a pot of coffee for the day. And yup, I’ve started busting out the Christmas goods – after the Thanksgiving turkey has been consumed, all things Christmas are fair game in my book. How cute is my new mug?? Smile


With that said, I actually got a lot done around the house on Friday! Though, I did spend some time taking a fresh look through these photo albums that I brought back to my house, from my parents’ house, that were assembled by my grandma some years ago. They are immaculately organized – on the back of each photograph there is a caption listing the names of those in the picture, the event, and the exact date. I can see myself doing something like this.


One of my favorite finds: me baking with my grandma as a four year old! I still love being in the kitchen.


Once dinner rolled around, the huz and I headed to Sidetrack for dinner. The huz, a lover of chicken wings, wanted to try Sidetrack’s wings for a first time. They were a hit, and reminded me of Metzger’s wings.


Consistent with my goal to try everything on the Sidetrack menu, I ordered something new to me – Pot Roast. My expectations were high, with Metzger’s holding the current title for Best Pot Roast EVER, in my “book.” (Which exists only in my brain.)

Here is how Sidetrack’s measured up:

  • Beef was tender and delicious but not quite as “buttery” as Metzger’s. Just didn’t quite elicit the “zOMG” reaction that Metzger’s Pot Roast does. Regardless, it was still quite excellent.
  • Mashed Potatoes rocked my world beyond belief. Best ever, any where. Huge portion.
  • Carrots – solid.
  • Overall: Awesome.


I loved the warm and cheery Christmas décor inside Sidetrack tonight.


I ate only a little over half of my dinner, boxed up the rest, in order to save room for dessert – Chocolate Swirl Cheesecake, with (what appeared to be) homemade whipped cream. Typically, I do not like whipped cream. The crap from an aerosol can or a tub – yucky. But homemade!? Yes, please. It has only the mildest hint of sweetness, no artificial-tasting flavor, and the mildest tang that I love. Mmm.

This cheesecake definitely elicited the “zOMG” reaction. It’s also made in a local bakery.


Pretty, pretty Depot Town.





We are creepers who take self-pics in the alleys of Ypsi.


After dinner we saw The Muppets. Throwback…. It was good, but not great. But… Emily Blunt made an appearance which made me swoon. I have a huge girl crush on her! In fact, half of one of my Pinterest boards is dedicated to her face.

Did you brave the retail crowds this year??

One thought on “The Day After Thanksgiving

  1. Oh, Sidetrack looks so pretty with those lights! I have to get down there soon. I braved the WalMart crowd strictly to get The Big Bang Theory, Season 4. Totally worth it!

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