Beeeans and Cornbread!

Brewed Awakenings in Saline has some awesome paninis – highly recommended. (Their salads? Not so highly recommended, because of their smallish portion size [unlike the paninis].)

This is the Monterrey, “Turkey, salami, cheddar cheese, fresh tomatoes, red onions, mild peppers, green olives, and our special seasoned mayo grilled on ciabatta bread.” So good! It’s fairly large, freshly made, chock full of green olives and banana peppers (which are my favorite things ever!), and is accompanied by a bag of potato chips. Winner!

My first trip to Brewed Awakenings was this past August, to redeem a Living Social coupon, and I’ve returned a few times since then because it is yummy.


With my Sunday lunch, I sipped a Toasted Coconut flavored coffee, which was awesome. Coconut flavored things are hit or miss for me – sometimes coconut flavored foods can come across as artificial-tasting, but my coffee tasted like fresh, natural, and mild coconut, with a delicious nutty roasted flavor!

But you know what made it even more amazing? I dipped this Almond Roca cookie (with giant warm, melted chocolate chunks and huge almond pieces) INTO my Toasted Coconut Coffee. We’re talking ALMOND. We’re talking CHOCOLATE. We’re talking COCONUT.

Almond Joy, baby! It was a match made in heaven.


Later in the afternoon, I started preparing dinner.

Cornbread-Topped Frijoles (<-that’s “beans” for you non-Spanish speakers)

Recipe from Taste of Home


To a sautéed mixture of onions and bell peppers, I added garlic, pinto and kidney beans, tomato sauce, chili powder, pepper, and hot sauce.

Hey Frank!


After letting the bean and vegetable mixture cook on high for an hour, I topped the mixture with a cornbread topping consisting of cornmeal, flour, cream-style corn, and a few other goodies.


I left the slow cooker on high for two hours, to allow the corn bread to cook through. Meanwhile, I did some veggie prep for the week. Other dishes you can expect to see this week include:

  • Indian Butter Chicken with Brown Basmati Rice and Kale Chips
  • Chicken Sausages with Peppers + Rosemary Mashed Sweet Potatoes with Caramelized Shallots
  • Wild Rice Turkey Soup <- using leftover Thanksgiving turkey that is currently residing in my freezer!


My onion was a sweetie.


Other food prep including cooking two batches of rice. I cooked one pot of brown basmati rice (takes 50 minutes on the stovetop) and a batch of wild rice (60 minutes on the stovetop). To allow for quick-cooling and effective moisture evaporation, I spread the cooked rice on cookie sheets for a while, before transferring to storage containers. Now it will be all ready when I get home from work in the evening! The wild rice I froze in a zip-top bag, since I won’t be using it for a few days.


Two hours later – voila! Beeeeeans and cornbreeeead! They say, where’s dat beeeeansss and cornbread at!? (Megan, what are you TALKING about? Click here.)


Voila. Cheap ‘n’ easy dinner. Very filling. I would have liked if the cornbread were sweeter and the bean filling had more heat, based on personal preference. But still, an economical and hearty meatless meal.


Cornbread-Topped Frijoles Rating: 6.8/10

Birthday cake Happy Birthday to my mom today!


Note Currently listening to: Teardrops – The xx.

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