Rosemary Mashed Sweet Potatoes, and Other Recipes to Share

Happy weekend! Man, I am SOOO glad it’s the weekend, I can’t even tell you. This week was … meh. It was a “meh” week.

Though, I do have some tasty noms to share. Food makes everything better, amirite?!


Chicken Sausages with Peppers:Recipe from Taste of Home; My rating: 7/10

  • Super simple, flavorful, and nutritious dinner. I used an apple chicken sausage – I am a fan!

Rosemary Mashed Sweet Potatoes: Recipe from Cooking Light; My rating: 7.5/10

  • I loved these savory mashed potatoes, laced with minced rosemary, served with sweet, rich, caramelized shallots on top. However, the huz wasn’t a huge fan. These are “grown-up” sweet potatoes. Smile



Cream of Turkey and Wild Rice Soup

Recipe from EatingWell


This soup was a great way to use up leftover Thanksgiving turkey. It was simple to throw together on a weeknight, because I had nearly everything prepared in advance. The turkey was cooked and cut into bite size pieces. The wild rice (which has a 60 minute cooking time!) was prepared on the weekend, frozen, and thawed the day before using it. And the veggies (shallots, celery, carrot) were chopped and ready (by yours truly).



My rating: 8/10.



Jolly Pumpkin

Another weeknight dinner was spent downtown at Jolly Pumpkin.


I could not resist a thing about the description of JP’sNoel de Calabaza beer:

“Deep mahogany and malty, layered hops, figs, raisins, sugar plums, cashews betwixt rum laden truffles.”

Sold. I was a big fan!! I think I am learning that I prefer beers that are malty, and not very bitter nor “hoppy.” Whatever that means? Maybe it’s just the 9% ABV speaking.


Jolly Pumpkin beers.


We killed these nachos. They were great. Unique and flavorful, great chips. Slathered in beans. Beans are the way to my heart, baby.


And our beloved – the Fire & Smoke pizza. Liberally sprinkled with red pepper flakes. Amazing.


WHOOPIE!!! ..Pie that is. Yes, whoopie pie. PUMPKIN whoopie pie actually. Super tasty, ate every last morsel happily, but would have preferred slightly softer cookies.


After Jolly Pumpkin, the huz and I went to see Michael Moore speak at the Michigan Theater. We managed to score FRONT ROW seats! I don’t know how we are so lucky!


While we were waiting, we listened to the organist who was playing directly in front of us.


Michael Moore! He spoke for 2.5 hours and was a highly engaging speaker. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Moore spoke about Michigan, Ann Arbor, Flint, the closing of Borders, his book, and, probably more than anything else, the Occupy protests around the country.


Here are some quotes from the night, provided by (…so sue me):

For although Moore grew up in Flint, and now lives in Traverse City, he called Ann Arbor “the best town in the state of Michigan. ”…

“I very much love where I come from, and I love where I live now up in Traverse City,” said Moore. “But when you grow up in Flint or Detroit or Saginaw or Pontiac, you play this game of, ‘If you could live anywhere, but you have to stay in the state of Michigan, where would you live?’ And of course, what’s the first answer? It’s Ann Arbor, right? I mean, it’s kind of a fantasy place to go to, because it seems not like anyplace else in this state.”

Yet a significant piece of Ann Arbor bookstore lore has been lost, as Moore acknowledged.

“I had told my publisher when I was writing the book, ‘If I get to go to Ann Arbor on this tour, … I really want to have some kind of memorial service at the location of the original Borders, because that store—and I take from your applause that you remember it—and for those of you who are students here, or new here, there was this incredible bookstore here called Borders. …

“When we were kids in Flint, … we would drive an hour … just to go and spend a couple of hours in Borders. And being from Flint, coming here and being exposed to books—not that we didn’t have books in Flint, but it was slim pickings—and not just the books, but the ideas in the books, and magazines from all over the world, and newspapers—it was just an exciting place to come to. Literally, we’d make a day out of it, because of this bookstore, and Borders became part of my education. It was part of my upbringing. And to come down here once a month, and go back home with a stack of books or magazines from Borders was the coolest thing.

Ann Arbor was the final stop on Michael Moore’s book tour. I’m so glad I was able to go see him speak.


4 thoughts on “Rosemary Mashed Sweet Potatoes, and Other Recipes to Share

  1. Whoa! I wish I would have known about Michael Moore speaking. I would have loved to have gone and heard what he has to say. And Matt too- he likes Michael Moore’s movies (even though Moore can sometimes be a bit overly dramatic).

    Also, that soup sounds really good! I am a sucker for a good bowl of soup. I’m suprised your husband didn’t like the mashed potatoes though.

    • Yeah, I don’t think it was very highly publicized! I only found out about it because I’m on the Michigan Theatre email list. His talk was very interesting – I agree that he can be overly dramatic too, but I admire where he’s “coming from” and the message he is trying to send, despite the way he sometimes goes about it.

      Soup IS the best! 🙂

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