Perks of Being a Food Blogger

If you ever become a food blogger (or if you currently are!) you’ll eventually realize that there are some meals that don’t require busting out the camera, because you already have a stockpile of pictures of the same food at home.

Whenever I eat at Palm Palace, I get the night off food photography because I always order the same dang thing. So here you go, some recycled pictures from my past visits, enjoyed again this past weekend: warm, puffy pita bread with garlic paste, and (the best) house salad, with Lamb Schwarma and Hummus (<— my favorite!!).


Another fun thing about having a food blog is that I can tell you the exact last date that I ate this meal: July 16, 2011. Bing, bang, boom.

What’s that you say? …Megan, your blog is SO interesting.

…Gee, I know, thanks.


So that was my Friday night meal. Then I came home, put on my snuggie, lit an apple-scented candle, and watched Home Alone 2. It was glorious.


Saturday was a pretty estrogen-filled day, consisting of trying on bridesmaid dresses with a group of six girls, plus a the bride’s mom, and my mom. Clearly dress-shopping works up an appetite, so sustenance was in order, at Cheddar’s, located in Lansing. This is probably the last meal I can eat like this until BFF’s wedding next summer if I want to be able to fit into the bridesmaid dress I just ordered. Doh!

Suddenly lots of batter-encrusted, fried, buttery foods started arriving at our lunch time. In addition to a huge plate of honey-butter-slathered croissants, all this stuff showed up in front of my face.



Us gals can THROW DOWN.

I accidentally ate half of my red beans and rice before remembering being reminded to take a pic! I also had steamed broccoli and a giant pile of wildly delicious, meaty chicken tenders with ranch.

It’s all about balance, friends. You see that broccoli.

Cheddar’s had a pretty wide selection of food, all at reasonable prices, especially considering the giant portion sizes!!! My lunch was delicious, and enjoyed in good company.


After that lunch, I wasn’t ready for dinner until a good eight or nine hours later, which consisted of a plate of Dillon Road-style nachos at my parents’ house. My mom had a similar plate, and I introduced her to my fave beer: Eddy Fitz!


[ source ]

This week I am trying to use up items in my pantry, freezer, and fridge, so I may not have too many bloggable meals.

For instance, tonight I made scrambled eggs, pork sausage, and salad for dinner. OH! And spinach and artichoke dip. Weird, right?

Last night I had leftover Lamb Schwarma, Rice-a-Roni, and frozen cheesy broccoli. Not quite blog material.

I’ll keep you posted.

NoteCurrently listening to: Gimme More – It’s Britney, B.

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