Dimo’s Deli & Donuts

Have you Ann Arborites been to Dimo’s? I don’t think I would have ever given this place a second glance if it were not for recommendations from others in the area. Dimo’s is located in an area that’s not exactly on my “radar,” over on West Stadium Blvd. This past Saturday I went to grab some lunch, and here is what I found inside:


The menu was written upon a chalkboard, and listed mostly sandwiches, along with some breakfast and Mediterranean options. There was also a display case filled with donuts and baked goods. Our order was taken fairly quickly and we were told we’d be called up when it was ready. We sat at a small table near the pick-up counter, and observed several other tables’ full of diners. I had minor food envy when a boy went to pick up a tray full of breakfast foods that looked so delicious, including a GIANT basket of toast.

I ordered sandwich #17 1/2, which is the Italian sandwich with ham, salami, Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, and mayo on grilled Italian bread.

Oh my goodness!!:


See, it really is #17 1/2.


Oh man, this sandwich was HUGE! It also came with a bag of potato chips. It tasted just as delicious as it looks here.

Look at that creepy lurker in the upper right hand corner! Oh, it’s just the huz.


I was only able to eat half of my sandwich for lunch, because I was saving room for this donut. Pretty killer donut, I must admit, even though I’m not a huge donut person. It was so crispy on the outside, and pillow-y soft inside.


So the big question here: How does Dimo’s compare to MBD (Maize & Blue Deli)?

  • Size: Comparable. MBD has a thicker sandwich, but Dimo’s may be slightly wider. Tie.
  • Cheese: I liked that Dimo’s had more cheese on the sandwich than MBD typically does. Dimo’s wins.
  • Selection: MBD wins by a landslide. But.. larger selection isn’t always great. Often a restaurant that offers a smaller selection of well-made items is better than a restaurant with a huge selection mediocre items. With that said, MBD has a GIANT menu that surpasses the variety at Dimo’s in terms of sandwiches, BUT they also have a menu full of consistently solid items.
    • Also in terms of selection, Dimo’s offers donuts and breakfast, unlike MBD. One point for Dimo’s.
  • Pickles: MBD wins. We didn’t get any pickles at Dimo’s and MBD pickles are the best thing on earth. Or close.
  • Price: Similar.
  • Location: MBD is more “on my radar” but finding parking is a pain. Dimo’s is not so much “on my radar” but parking is a cinch in the front lot. No clear winner.
  • Service: Pretty standard at both places. Friendliness-factor (which is, that neither location’s staff are super friendly, but they are fine) is similar at both places; MBD staff may be somewhat warmer and acts more appreciative of the customer’s business, however. Sandwiches are made to order at both places, and Dimo’s may have made our sandwiches slightly faster than MBD typically does. Accuracy is spot on at both places.
  • OMG Factor: This is completely subjective, but I didn’t quite get that “zOMG” moment upon first bite of my Dimo’s sandwich that I get at MBD.

Conclusion: It’s hard to judge after one trip, but I have to maintain my loyalty to MBD. With that said, I LOVED my giant, quality, delicious Dimo’s sandwich and would go back again!


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5 thoughts on “Dimo’s Deli & Donuts

  1. I love DImo’s. The sandwiches are some of the best values in A2, along with MBD. The service, especially if you get the owner is fantastic – efficient, friendly. What sets Dimo’s apart is breakfast. This is THE place for donuts in A2, especially since there isn’t a Dunkin Donuts or Tim Horton’s here. (Although Dimo’s donuts were better than HOrton’s.) A lot of people rave about donuts at Washtenaw Dairy on the old west side. Problem is they only have cake donuts, and only 1-2 types. WTF! How about glazed donuts or chocolate long johns?

    The omelets, hash browns, etc, are top notch – well-prepared, monstrous portions, and very affordable. Definitely worth going for those!

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