Makeover Cheesy Beef & Potato Soup

Aren’t slow cooker recipes fun? Or is it just me? Well, I think they are. It’s hard to screw up slow cooker recipes. I tend to have very good luck – anything I throw in the slow cooker almost always comes out great. Here are some of my favorite slow cooker recipes from the past few months:



Makeover Cheesy Beef & Potato Soup

Recipe from Taste of Home

Yes. So. Getting to the main topic here. This weekend I made Beef & Potato Soup in my slow cooker. This was actually a “makeover” version of the recipe, so the calorie content was under control. It starts out looking not-so-pretty in a skillet, but it gets better, I promise. First I browned lean ground beef with onion, drained, and then stirred in a broth and flour slurry, and let simmer until thickened.


Next, into the slow cooker the beef mixture went, along with chopped carrot, celery, and potato; spices; and more broth.


Cook, baby, cook. Let it hang out for 6-7 hours on low, then add Velveeta and milk 30 minutes before serving. As a final step, stir in sour cream just prior to serving.


Cheesy soup! This reminded me of a healthified version of Orgasmic Cheese Dip. Except that it’s acceptable to eat a giant bowlful for dinner and not feel like a gluttonous fool. Personally, I’d add less liquid next time – I’d like the soup a bit thicker! This was basically comfort in a bowl though – we liked it. (Rating: 6.9/10).

I dug some chunks o’ Great Harvest Spinach Feta bread out of the depths of my freezer to serve with this soup for dinner. Freezing bread – works like a charm!


Nutrition facts from Taste of Home: 1-1/4 cups equals 327 calories, 11 g fat.

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