Merry Christmas 2011–So Many Noms

So.Much.Food. It’s the morning after Christmas day, and I feel like I can’t eat for a few, well, days. I am still SO full from all the food that has been consumed this weekend. The huz and I, Christmas Eve at my aunt and uncle’s:


All the fine ladies:


AMAZING spread of food! Wonderful spinach salad, asparagus with hollandaise, cheesy potatoes, wild rice with sausage and mushrooms (<—my favorite!), Zingerman’s bread, and, of course: beef tenderloin(!!). I had this plate and another half plate too.


We dined in my Aunt’s festive dining room.


…Then after dinner, I stuffed my face with more food. Half of a slice of chocolate pie, half of a slice of cheesecake with raspberry (which tasted amazing – I must make cheesecake soon! Or else just eat more cheesecake soon.. Winking smile ), and a chocolate mint cookie. ..And coffee!


After Christmas Eve dinner, we opened a few gifts, and I received my grandmother and grandfather’s Royal Albert fine china – ten teacups and saucers. Who wants to come to my tea party?? These are beautiful though, I really like them.


Christmas morning at my parents’:


I’m sure many of my gifts will be appearing in the blog, so I’ll point them out to you in future posts.

Daisy got a new collar for Christmas. She didn’t really care for the dog treats we picked up from the MI General Store in Depot Town, Ypsi.


Christmas brunch:


Cheesy potatoes, English muffin, three sausage patties, heaping pile of cheesy scrambled eggs, plus some apple pie pastries, and a scoop of pineapple. Wowza.


Christmas afternoon we headed north to visit the huz’s grandparents, where we had MORE food, including some tasty meat pie and brie and crackers.


Later that night…

…This snack bowl. Times at least two. I would deny any consumption past that.

My mom’s chex mix, the huz’s grandma’s puppy chow, and the huz shared half of one of his many beef sticks he was gifted from Little Town Jerky Company in Falmouth, MI.


Must go work off the food hangover and pack for our VACAY! Smile

5 thoughts on “Merry Christmas 2011–So Many Noms

  1. Holy cow, YUM! You know, my dog (Buddy) is like Daisy in that he doesn’t seem to like the special treats that I get him. If I give him a Snausage, he goes apeshit with delight. But a specialty treat? Not so much.
    DOGS! 🙂

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