Las Vegas 2011–Recap Part III

Are you ready to rumble for my final Vegas recap, Part III? Need to catch up?

      • Las Vegas Part I Recap – Hotel room & view of strip, Spice Market, CSI/Titanic/Bodies, Monte Carlo buffet, Jabbawockeez
      • Las Vegas Part II Recap – Flamingo breakfast buffet, Hoover Dam, Tournament of Kings, Bellagio fountains

Hash House A Go Go

For our third Vegas breakfast, into our itinerary I had etched Hash House A Go Go, several weeks ago, after reading SkinnyRunner’s review. Hash House looked right up our alley, plus it was in the hotel next to ours (Imperial Palace, which is next to Flamingo).


Hash House promises “twisted farm food,” and the menu is a riot to read. You know how much I love reading menus. During our 20 minute or so wait, I scoured the menu, which was displayed near the entrance. As I predicted, the huz ordered, “Andy’s Sage Fried Chicken & Bacon Waffle Tower; drizzled with hot maple reduction & fried leeks.” You read that correctly: “bacon waffle.” As in, slices of bacon cooked into a waffle.

Do you see this? I don’t feel that this photo truly captures the epic portion size of this meal, because it was GIANT. Please note the dagger impaling the chicken and waffles. Even the huz, who’s a food-consumption champ, couldn’t dominate this suckah.


Had I been hungover, I might have opted for the “O’Hare of the dog: Signature 24 oz Budweiser in a bag & side of bacon.” The epitome of class, my friends. I love it.

But no. My inner glutton was also highly tempted by the “Sausage gravy pot pie w/scrambled eggs & mashed potatoes,” but my sensible side decided that sounded too heavy, knowing that we had a busy of activities ahead, and also realizing that it sounded like a GI tract disaster waiting to happen. TMI?

After lengthy debate, I selected one of the Farm Scrambles with Hardwood-smoked bacon, avocado, onion & Swiss. This came with potatoes (I chose griddled mashed over crispy potatoes), the biggest biscuit I’ve ever seen, and a side of fruit.


Please, let us take a moment to appreciate the size of this biscuit. SkinnyRunner likened these biscuits to an “assault weapon,” and I have to agree. A jar of mighty-delicious jam was served on the side, which I highly enjoyed.

I was pretty much a champ and dominated those potatoes, about 2/3 of the biscuit, and maybe half of the scramble. Holy portion size. Seriously, this plate was HUGE, you need to see it in real life.

I would most definitely highly recommend Hash House A Go Go if you find yourself near Imperial Palace on your next trip to Las Vegas. The prices were also very affordable, especially for being on the Vegas strip. We also had terrific service during our meal.P1060584

Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden

After our gluttony-fest brunch, we went to Mirage, to redeem our tickets to Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden. This was an attraction we had visited on our previous trip to Las Vegas and enjoyed. The attraction isn’t huge, but one can easily spend a nice hour or two here. First we viewed the dolphins, who do not perform in choreographed shows, but instead are available for observation during trainers’ research and training sessions. An underground room also provides underwater views of the dolphins swimming in the tank.

I couldn’t help thinking about The Cove while I was at the exhibit, and feeling slightly guilty.

There were two precious baby dolphins present during our visit, and they eagerly swam beside their mothers.


On the other side of the exhibit were the cats. These regal lions were so nuzzly.


I was in love with these two white tigers, who cuddled during our entire visit. Do you see the one on the right, laying on her back, reaching back and hugging the one on the left? #ijustdie




Our next stop was Venetian, to explore the Grand Canal Shoppes. I was on the hunt for a new handbag, but the huz didn’t really seem to care for shopping with me for too long. He was a sport, though.




Oh-oh It’s Magic


[ source ]

At the end of the afternoon, we went back to the hotel to catch our 4:00 show, which was the Nathan Burton Comedy Magic Show. Hey, I got free tickets from Expedia. The show was alright; it was entertaining, but a lot of it felt like an advertisement for other shows.

Also, I was annoyed that I wasn’t allowed to opt-out of the “mandatory” photo op before the show. You know the drill. Photographer takes some cutesy pose of you and your beau, then photoshops it next to some showgirls, or something equally cheesy, and charges you ten bucks. I was just tired of it. I posed for enough of these craptastic things over the past three days, that I just wasn’t in the mood for another one, but the guy was so pushy, that I eventually told him that being photographed is “against my religion.”


No one can argue with that little gem.

So yeah, after the show, we were hungry. We had a couple snafus in our hunt for food, from which I shall spare you the details, and instead inform you that we ended up at the brand spanking new hotel, The Cosmopolitan, which had been intriguing me all week. Here I am across the street, creeping over the ledge like the lurker I am.

Bless the lack of open container laws. That is not against my religion.


Oh, you creepy little Cosmopolitan, making me swoon with your enticing swankiness.


Smitten for no good reason. I also grew an extra chin. …All the buffets. #justsayin


See that swank?


Into The Cosmopolitan our tired little feet traipsed, and after an agonizing wait (I exaggerate – it was only about 30 minutes, which really isn’t bad), we were treated to an amazing buffet at the Wicked Spoon. Call it gimmick, call it genius, call it what you will – I SO bought into the individually-portioned dishes that were abundant on the Wicked Spoon buffet. I have this thing about communal tongs – they just gross me out to no end, so not having to expose myself to dirty tongs and instead being able to grab my own little cute, clean portion was amazing.

So plate one:

  • Crab Legs!! Oh hell yeah, baby. LOVE. Dipped into that melted buttah.
  • BBQ Shrimp with Grits. Probably the most delicious thing I had in Vegas during our entire trip. (These put the Ravens Club’s Shrimp and Grits to shame. Sorry Ravens Club.)
  • Wild Rice with Cranberries and Veggies. Yummy.


Plate two:

  • Shrimp & Grits Take II! <-zOMG
  • Butternut Squash Ravioli – heavenly
  • Sweet and Sour Pork – tasty sauce and veggies, but lacking meat
  • Korean Short Rib – incredible rich and savory flavors, but tricky to eat
  • Sushi!


Actually, I went back seeking out a third plate to get more Shrimp & Grits, but GASP.. they were gone. Sad smile Instead I had a few more shrimpies from the shrimp cocktail display.

And…. DESSERT. Such a pretty little plate. The Wicked Spoon also had a gelato bar, however, our visit to the dessert bar was ill-timed. Apparently the gelato bowls were depleted just prior to our visit to the dessert station, and, during that time, a large lined formed in front of the gelato, in which I didn’t have time to wait, since we had a show we needed to make at 10:00 PM. however, I was more than happy with with my pretty little dessert plate.


You just kill me with your swank, Cosmo. This is the buffet dining room interior where we were seated.


Straight ballin’. Multiple level chandelier. This is the hotel lobby, below.


After dinner, we went back to Flamingo to watch this show.


Friday morning we awoke and said goodbye to our incredible view one last time. We really enjoyed our stay at Flamingo. I’d recommend it for it’s amazing location, numerous amenities, and affordable price. It’s also relatively easy to navigate, unlike some of the hotels on the strip.


We also enjoyed one last meal at the Flamingo buffet, since we wouldn’t be arriving home until 10:00 PM or so.



And, oh, don’t you worry. Of course we tipped housekeeping. With beer! Muahaha.


Hope you enjoyed my recaps. Smile

Have you been to Vegas? Where did you stay?


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