New Year’s Eve Feast 2011

Happy New Year, nommers! What’s that you say? It’s January 8 today? Yes, I know. My bad. Now that I’ve finally gotten caught up on blogging about Christmas and our holiday vacation to Las Vegas, I’ve finally gotten to my New Year’s post. Just a little late to the party, I am.

But it’s okay! The year would not be complete without our annual New Year’s “feast”! In fact, my first few MegGoesNomNom blog posts were about past “feasts.” My first experiences in food photography were these New Year’s feasts. See!?:

New Year’s Eve Feast 2011-12:


This year, for our New Year’s feast, I made:

  • Veggie Pizza
  • Pigs in a Blanket
  • Orgasmic Cheese Dip. Put all of these ingredients into a crock pot:
    • 16 oz Velveeta
    • 8 oz ground beef, browned and drained
    • 1/2 jar thick & chunky salsa

To drank, we opened a bottle of bubbly and topped off our glasses with peach nectar for a sweet twist.




After feasting and cocktails, we got ready to go the The Bang!, another New Year’s Eve favorite of ours.



That’s a noisemaker, not a cig, kids. BUT, that is in fact more champagne. I ❤ NYE.



A photographer from took several pictures of us, took our names, and we ended up in the news the next day. Clearly we are local celebs. Go read the article here.


After The Bang!, we got more noms from Eastern Flame. I ordered a Paneer Tikka Wrap. It tasted really good, but I think anything would have tasted good at 2:54 AM. Paneer!!! I love it.


Happy New Year, nommers.

3 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve Feast 2011

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