Tortilla Meatball Soup

Y’all know that soup is my favorite thing to cook. This recipe for Tortilla Meatball Soup was recently on the cover of Cooking Light magazine and I knew I had to make it.


[ source ]

This soup was, well, fun to make. I definitely wouldn’t want to tackle this on a weeknight, but it made for a fun Sunday afternoon. Did you know I’ve never made meatballs before?  This was my first time. Aren’t they cute?

To start – some prep work:

  • Broil bell pepper, jalapeños, corn
  • Chop veggies – carrot, onion, red potatoes
  • Make meatballs with ground sirloin, seasonings, and minced chipotle in adobo sauce
  • Prep tortilla strips for broiling – this was a fail, because I ended up burning them and using chips instead


Meatballs! Spicy, smoky chipotle-seasoned meatballs, searing:


Yummy soup! This recipe took many steps, but it was absolutely packed with flavor. Broiled, charred veggies and chipotle in adobo sauce added a smoky flavor; jalapenos added a moderate heat; a variety of vegetables added texture and color; and the meatballs, of course, we the star! Delicious savory bites of goodness.


A sprinkling of cilantro and pepper jack cheese took this soup over the top.


You can find this recipe for Tortilla Meatball Soup over at Cooking Light.

My rating: 8.2/10

Tonight I finished watching the movie Magnolia. Have you seen it? That ish is HEAVY, dudes. I’m still processing.

Note Currently listening to: In The Waiting Line – Zero 7.

This song came on Pandora just now, and it’s from one of my verrry favorite movies, Garden State. Shoot, I love that movie. The scene by the fireplace. ..Ooh. The scene with the rain pouring in front of the excavated pit? Swoon. Gotta watch it soon.

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