Peace Out Papa Romano’s

You guys! I’m so sad that our local Papa Romano’s has closed! Papa Romano’s was the go-to pizza place for the huz and I for the past few years. I used to be able to stand on my apartment balcony and see Papa Romano’s, and even after we moved, I only lived about 2 minutes away. The pizza was always delicious, affordable, and we always received great service. The nice employees were one of the key factors that led to our Papa Romano’s pizza-loyalty.

After reading that our local Papa Romano’s was closing, we had one last hurrah this week.


Antipasto Salad.


Bambino Bread!


Triple Topper square pizza – a GIANT XL 16-slicer!:

  • His half: Bacon, Sausage, Green Pepper
  • Her half: Bacon, Pineapple, Mushrooms (they ran out of banana peppers!)




We’ll miss you Papa Romano’s.

There are several stores still open across Michigan, so if you live near one of them send delivery ASAP try ‘em out!

3 thoughts on “Peace Out Papa Romano’s

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