Brecon Grille Review

This past weekend I redeemed a LivingSocial coupon at a Saline establishment at which I dined for the first time, called Brecon Grille. The deal included two sandwiches and two drinks (a beer, wine, or soft drink) for a discounted price. On top of the deal, my dining companion and I ordered some “Apps and ‘Zerts” (shout out to all you fellow Parks & Rec fans). [All pics were taken with my iPhone.]


The huz and I went to Saline on a Saturday evening, and Brecon Grille was lively but we were seated at a high-top table right away. The lighting was dim and warm, and the atmosphere was, again, lively, and comfortable.

We each chose a beer to drink, and I was happy to see Bell’s Porter on tap, which I happily ordered and enjoyed. Love this beer!


After debating between boneless wings, calamari, and quesadillas, we decided to go with the not-commonly-seen BBQ Pulled Pork Quesadillas, with Colby Jack cheese, onions, mushrooms, served with sides of sour cream, salsa, and pico de gallo. I was pleased to see that these quesadillas were stuffed quite full of pulled pork, along with tasty melted cheese, and the unique and interesting addition of onions and mushrooms, which I loved (especially the mushrooms!).


The huz and I were both debating between the same two sandwiches so those were the two that we ordered, and split. Both sandwiches included fries, which were really good – but I wanted more of them!

First: Slim Jim Sandwich. This was on the daily special menu, and consisted of layers of ham, pepperoni, and salami, if my memory serves me correctly, along with veggies and cheese on a crusty white bread. It was a very good sandwich with a bold flavor from the spicy meats.


Second: The Brecon Prime-Rib French- Dip, to which we added grilled onions for an extra charge. The menu stated that this sandwich was served on “ciabatta,” but really it was more of a warm, soft, thick pita, which I actually preferred. The warm pita soaked up the au jus very well, and made for a luscious, savory sandwich. Mmm! This one was the favorite of us both.


We were both in a dessert mood, so we agreed upon the Peanut Butter Pie, though I was eyeballing the more unique Lemon-Blueberry Cake. A thick chocolate-y crumb crust was filled with a rich, dense layer of peanut butter filling studded with chocolate chunks, drizzled with even more chocolate topping, with a squirt of whipped cream. So delicious, but oh my word, for the price I wanted MORE. The pie WAS very dense and rich, so maybe I am just greedy!


In conclusion I think Brecon Grille had very good food that was maybe a little bit overpriced for the portion sizes. The sandwiches were big, but I think more fries would have been welcome, and a bigger dessert would have also seemed reasonable for the six-dollar price tag. Our service was friendly, prompt for the most part, and accurate. The atmosphere was pleasant and it was nice to be seated right away on a Saturday night (but I did miss my downtown Ann Arbor). With that said, if I find myself in need of a meal in Saline again, I could see myself dining at Brecon Grille again, however, I probably wouldn’t necessarily go out of my way to go back. Definitely worth checking out though!


NoteCurrently listening to: Lights (Bassnectar Remix) – Ellie Goulding.

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