Aubree’s Ladies Night

For as often as I head to Depot Town to visit Sidetrack, I’ve never tried out Aubree’s Pizzeria & Grill, which is right across the street! I am however, on their email list. I am on nearly every local restaurant’s email list, because I like to be in-the-know about local food events! Not long ago I received an email from Aubree’s, announcing an upcoming Ladies’ Night which would include a Bartending 101 presentation. This event actually took place not Aubree’s Depot Town location, but instead at the Whittaker Road location in Ypsi.


As part of our entry fee, we (Five Cent Femme and I) had a reserved table, access to an appetizer buffet, and one drink ticket. Aubree’s pizza is excellent! I wish I had loaded up my plate more – good stuff! With Papa Romano’s now closed in Ann Arbor, I just might have to supplement my lack of pizza with some Aubree’s in the future. I also enjoyed a giant scoop of really tasty hummus with pita and veggies.

To drink, I decided to be super girly for Ladies’ Night and order my secret-guilty-pleasure drink – a Strawberry Daiquiri. Sure was a good one too – it was big, and actually had an appropriate amount of alcohol – not too strong, and not too weak either. Normally whipped cream is not my thing, but Five Cent Femme and I both agreed that it was a superb addition to the drink.


Close-up of that awesome pizza. #Swoon


After loading up on apps, we listened to a presentation from a representative of an alcohol distributing company. She shared some tips on adequately stocking a home bar, and also demonstrated how to mix several different cocktails – and we got to try them all! Some of our samples included a Cosmopolitan, Metropolitan, Gold Margarita, and a real-deal Mojito.

Amy (the presenter) did a nice job, and instructed everyone that we should never, under any circumstances, drink the vileness that is Grey Goose (according to her). Ketel One is the way to go, apparently. Even 5 O’Clock is better than the Goose, she claimed.

My only complaint were some of the DUH comments and questions from audience members, but the presenter handled them well, and the booze loosened me up enough to appreciate the hilarity and amusement of it. Poor Amy must have said at least six times that the Tequila to Triple Sec ratio in a Margarita is 2:1, but the lady at the table next to just could NOT grasp that concept for the life of her! Had to try soooo hard not to laugh out loud (and probably failed).


Not bad for a Wednesday night, eh? Sadly we didn’t win any of the drawing prizes, though.

I want more Aubree’s pizza.

That is all.

NoteCurrently listening to: Looks Like Sex – Mike Posner.

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