Before the snow began this morning, I headed to Sidetrack for an early lunch. Exactly one minute after Sidetrack opened, we pulled into our parking spot. Clearly we are eager for that BBQ Slaw.


It had been a long time since I last enjoyed Sidetrack’s Beer Battled Pickles, so today seemed like a good day for them.


The huz ordered his standard, a complimentary BBQ Slaw Burger. He changed it up a bit this time, and tried it on a brioche bun. Thanks to Frita Batidos’, we are familiar with brioche buns, which are what their fritas are served upon.


I’ve never ordered these before, but have considered it many times – the Gourmet Handcrafted Mini Driver Burgers, with blue cheese, bacon, and caramelized onion. Oh yeah, these were great. Tons of boldly flavored blue cheese, with thick-cut bacon slices, and sweet hunks of caramelized onion.


Obviously I got some sweet potato fries with my mini burgers – and I was given two horsey dipping sauces which was a WIN! I could only eat two of my mini burgers and less than half of the fries, and brought the rest home for dinner.


After lunched we popped into Café Ollie for a coffee drank.


One of these days I would like to try their food. They have a nice selection of sandwiches, 1/3 of which feature meat, 1/3 are vegetarian, and 1/3 are vegan. That’s neat.

Café Ollie also features a selection of 15 Michigan craft beers available for purchase here, and also next door at the new MI General Store.


I ordered a large sugar-free caramel skim latte and brought it home with me.


But eh!! It was WAYYY too wickedly sweet for me. I ended up dousing this with about two parts coffee to one part latte, at home, before I could even begin to tame the sweetness.


Then the snow arrived.


Yuck! Make it stop!


Seems like a good afternoon to cuddle up with the Hunger Games and my latte. I am charging through the trilogy – I’m about halfway through the third book, Mockingjay. Obsessed.


Note Currently listening to: Called Out In The Dark – Snow Patrol.

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