iHome in My Home

Look what was on my doorstep yesterday when I arrived home from work:


I love receiving packages! One box contained a shower curtain liner, so that wasn’t exactly the most exciting, however once box did contain all these yummy goodies from my Aunt for my birthday.

Pumpkin butter!! I can’t wait to try it on cornbread this week. Who has a good bean soup recipe for my soup mix? Looks yummy!

Today has been a fun day so far. My parents drove down to visit for the afternoon and we went to Aubree’s for lunch. We did the Dinner for 4 combo, and started out with two large salads.



Plus two of these baskets of warm parmesan breadsticks with thick, delicious marinara.


I had a coupon for a free personal pizza for my birthday (hint: join Aubree’s email list), so I picked the Marguerita, with roasted cherry tomatoes, fresh basil, mozzarella, and drizzled with a balsamic glaze.


We also got a large double-topping pizza.


The huz and I shared the bacon and pineapple half. Yummmay. Delicious pizza.


This afternoon I’ve been enjoying my new birthday gift – an iHome! I’ve been wanting one of these babies for a long time and this one is perfect! It is the iHome iD9 model, which is portable and rechargeable. I love that I can move it all around my house, out on the deck, or even take it places with me, if I am so-inclined. Plus, no batteries required! Been loving the Florence + the Machine Pandora station! The sound quality is impressive.


Now I am sipping Darjeeling in my festive new mug as I blog. Smile


Happy Saturday!

4 thoughts on “iHome in My Home

  1. We really enjoyed seeing you guys. The lunch was delicious…best pizza ever ( loved the salad and breadsticks, too) ! Glad you like the I HOME. mom

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