Bee My Valentine

Will you BEE my valentine?


What if I get you a JERKY bouquet for the occasion?!


Not going to lie, I thought this was pretty clever. I did actually see this idea online, but I assembled this Man Bouquet myself, using a beer mug, artificial greenery, MEAT, and red ribbon. You like!? The huz did.


Downtown was crazy tonight, but we scored a nice little window booth at ABC, where we enjoyed Strawberry Chocolate Stout, in honor of Valentine’s Day. It was good!


Prime booth territory on Washington Street.


Just for a few nibbles, we eat had a salad and split an order of ABC’s awesome chicken tenders, to tide us over until our SIX-COURSE Dessert Tasting at Cake Nouveau later in the evening.


Check back tomorrow for all the deets on the awesome dessert tasting we attended at Cake Nouveau!

Happy Valentine’s Day Nommers!

Red heart

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