Happy Birthday Huz

This past Tuesday it was the huz’s birthday! His pre-birthday weekend requests may have involved his favorite thing everfried chicken. Request obliged.

Did you know we had fried chicken on our first date? Now you know.


And some pie, whose picture turned out really freaky. Free pie, in fact, from Grand Traverse Pie Company. Despite the weird picture, it was good stuff.


We like to do multiple days of presents! One per day.


On the big day, we headed to Real Seafood for dinner, and started with Crab & Artichoke Dip. These chips were deliciously seasoned (nice and salty!) and the dip was wonderful.


We both subbed a salad in place of coleslaw – mine had the very delicious house shallot vinaigrette. I sipped on a glass of Malbec with dinner.


Warm, soft bread. I get so paranoid eating food with poppy seeds because, without fail, they become stuck in my teeth – am I the only one!?


The huz’s birthday dinner: The Blue Plate Special, “crab cake, baked oysters, baked stuffed flounder, grilled shrimp and scallop skewer.” He said the shrimp was his favorite. I tried a bite of the crab cake, since I am a crab cake aficionada, and it was quite good, but Carson’s still has Real Seafood beat for the Best Crab Cake in Ann Arbor, in my book. Regardless, the huz seemed to enjoy his meal!


I ordered the Jambalaya, since it was full of many of my favorite proteins: “chorizo sausage, rock shrimp, swordfish, blackened chicken, mushrooms and spicy Creole sauce, served over rice.”

The Jambalaya was delicious, and a huge portion – I could only eat half. The swordfish and the chorizo were my favorite elements of the dish. The tomato-based sauce was rich and flavorful, and I loved the greens throughout the dish. Loved this as leftovers, too!


Cheesecake and a candle! We had a lovely booth to ourselves in the back of Real Seafood, perfect for people-watching, yet private. It was pretty lively for a Tuesday night! Our server did a nice job as well – she reminded me of Reese Witherspoon?


Real Seafood Company on Urbanspoon

After dinner we went in search of more birthday dessert freebies. Folks around Ann Arbor were so nice last night! We went to Cupcake Station for a freebie mini for the huz, and I was going to purchase a mini for myself, and it was on the house. Just another reason we love Cupcake Station. Their cupcakes ARE the best! Plus the staff are always super nice.


We also snagged a few truffles from Schakolad as well. I again offered to purchase some truffles for myself to supplement the huz’s birthday freebie, and we were kindly comped a nice little selection. We had a pair of mint truffles, maple (for me!!), and a salted dark chocolate. We took these home to enjoy the next day and enjoy them we did! Schakolad had an impressive selection of quality chocolates, all dipped in-store – can’t wait to go back.P1070193

Two free cake truffles were also snagged from Cake Nouveau, and we purchased two more. These were also brought home for future enjoyment.



Our final birthday acquisition: free dessert at Pizza House. The huz shared. What a nice guy. I had to pick around the whipped cream though, yeeck.


The Birthday Boy Man!! He scored a new position at his company yesterday – congrats to him!


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