Pretzel Roll Love

Holla! How’s the weekend goin’? I hope you’re not getting too bored reading yet another post about our a meal at Sidetrack. I don’t know, if you’re like me, I really like looking at pictures of scrumptious food – and that is what this post offers.

For the first time, we tried Sidetrack’s queso dip with chips. Definitely tasted like Velveeta with their homemade salsa on top. Don’t get me wrong, I adore me some Velveeta, but more heat and spice would have been welcome! With that said, this dip was deliciousness, and quickly devoured.P1070199

We were seated by the front window at Sidetrack (I love that we still had a bit of day light at dinner time! Even though we are old people who ate dinner at 6:00 PM).

I’m so happy to announce that for the first time in my life I had the pleasure of eating a PRETZEL ROLL! From the daily specials menu, I ordered a sandwich containing black forest ham and Swiss cheese, with a rather sharp honey mustard, slathered upon a pretzel roll!!

Oh my noms, I just LOVED this sandwich. The combination of the honey mustard with the pretzel roll was incredible. Where, oh where, can I buy pretzel rolls!? Sidetrack, please place this sandwich on your regular menu. (As if the huz and I don’t already dominate a big enough portion of the Sidetrack menu, as it is!).


I’ve got some Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA in the background that I sipped upon as well. Normally I’m not a big IPA drinker but I like this brew a lot.

Actually the huz and I each split our respective burger and sandwich in half and shared. Here’s the interior of my awesome ham and Swiss pretzel sandwich. zOMG!


I also had half (actually could only eat about half of my two halves and brought the rest home) of the special burger of the day, which had Swiss, bacon, grilled onion, and stone ground mustard, but this burger was too greasy for me today. I think the onions and cheese contained a lot of moisture that weighed down the bun more than I might like. The huz liked the burger best and I liked the pretzel sandwich best – go figure.



Have you ever eaten, bought, or made (!!) pretzel rolls before!?

3 thoughts on “Pretzel Roll Love

  1. While out shopping at Meijer today I actually saw Pretzel Rolls in the bread aisleand then again in the bakery section ! MOM

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