Raspberry Pancakes and Handbags

I have been positively obsessed with raspberries for the past few weeks. Mostly because they are the only organic berries I’ve encountered in my grocery so far this year, but also because they are probably my favorite fruit. I eat them atop my Greek yogurt nearly daily.

Yesterday morning I plopped a few into my pancake batter which made for a really delicious short stack. The pancakes tasted like they were filled with warm raspberry jam, and the sweetness of the berries meant that I didn’t need to add nearly as much calorie-laden maple syrup as usual.


Saturday afternoon I went clearance rack scouring, and while I wasn’t even handbag shopping, came across two bags that I LOVED! I have been in the market for a new handbag for a couple of months now. I really want a shoulder bag, with two straps, medium size, in a bright fun spring color such as coral or orange. I could not decide which of these two bags I like better – so I bought both! (And will probably return the one I decide against.) I had budgeted a lot more money on a new bag, but these were far less expensive than my budget, though they are not designer-brand bags.

So, which one do you like better?

The red bag on the left:

  • Looks a bit more sophisticated and well-made than the pink one
  • I adore the color (I love red – I have a red car and a red dining room!)

However, the pink bag might be a little bit more my style:

  • I LOVE bows! I also think it is a bit more feminine-looking, which I like.
  • However, I’m afraid it might look a little too juvenile for a mid-twenties-something, and I don’t think the fabric looks as nice.
  • Also, I have another, smaller faux-croc print pink bow bag I also use. (Maybe I don’t need two?)


Which bag do you like better? Red or pink?

Tough decision. (Is this a #whitegirlproblem?!)

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