Bloody Mary or Mimosa

About one month ago, the huz and I visited Saline to redeem a Living Social deal at a restaurant that was new to us – Brecon Grille. Last time we went for dinner and beer.

This time – we went for brunch and morning cocktails! We had another Living Social deal, and this time it was for brunch and a cocktail for two. For our drink, we were able to choose between a Mimosa or a Bloody Mary. The huz went with the Mimosa, and I decided to try something new and order a Bloody Mary. Honestly I wasn’t too sure if I would like a Bloody Mary or not. Liquor in the morning? Champagne maybe, but this sounded intense.


To my delight, I was served a glass of vodka on the rocks and directed to the make-your-own Bloody Mary bar at, well, the bar. Yay! I added the tomato-based Bloody Mary mix and doctored it up with Tabasco sauce, black pepper, celery, olives, and lime juice. Hey, I’ve never made one before, but I just pretended like I was a professional. Clearly I am.

….Aaand it was really good! Like, I loved it! So peppery and fresh – I am a huge fan. I really want to make Bloody Marys (Maries?) at home now. Bloody Mary party at my place, who’s in?


Hooray for no-makeup-Sundays. #nerdalert

For brunch, the huz and I both went the savory route by each ordering the Farmer’s Omelet – filled with bacon, onions, tomatoes, peppers, and cheese. I thought the omelet had delicious fillings and also was a big fan of the home fries and thick English muffin on the side. The omelet wasn’t the fluffiest I’ve ever had, but it was solid.

It wasn’t too crowded at all when we went (around 10:00 AM), which was nice! I love having a new brunch option – it always seems like the places near us get so crowded on Sunday mornings. I think we’ll come back for brunch. (And $3 Bloody Mary Bar!).


After brunch we made a visit to the conservatory at the Matthaei Botanical Gardens. I love it here! I took a Biology course called Practical Botany in college and used to come here for a few hours once each week for a semester. Now I visit less frequently than I used to – I work nearby; I should start visiting more frequently again, especially since admission is now free (and visitors instead pay for parking, which cost us under two bucks.)

Early spring bulb flowers! These were so beautiful and fragrant and made me even more eager for spring.



Also love wandering around the (warm!) desert room filled with cacti and succulents.


It felt refreshing to spend time in the warm, sunny conservative surrounded by greenery and fresh air, in February.

Weekly Dinner Menu:

You can expect to see several of these meals on the blog this week:

  • Sunday: Philly Cheesesteaks
  • Monday: Baked Chicken, Mashed Sweet Potatoes, Asparagus
  • Tuesday: Pasta Fagioli Soup
  • Wednesday: Mediterranean Pasta Salad
  • Thursday: Taco-Stuffed Pepper Cups

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